1. Do you use Marijuana when taking epilepsy meds? I take meds 2 times A day morning 1500mg and bedtime 1500mg. I get severe anxiety everyday. I'm thinking some depression as well. I have smoked Marijuana a few yrs back, and liked it. but was not taking seizure medications. Can I smoke with the meds? or do one or the other? I take Vimpat 200mg, Trileptal 600mg, Keppra 500 mg and at bedtime, dilantin 200 mg. I also take busBar 20 mg 3 times A day, the busBar does not doinything so, I'm going to stop taking it, and smoke Marijuana. Thx

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  3. I have also epilepsy problem in too much problem cant go outside in the afraid epilepsy. Need help to treatment of it whatsapp me +919803731324 to how to get rid from it 🙏

  4. had depakote lamictal amd lepictal too much mg every month is keeps going up suffering for anxiety and depression believe me is not easy too much mg is not good for liver I hope here in Florida get that help for this November8

  5. heres my thing. I used to smoke alot and never had anxiety and was always happy af. untill about 3 monthss ago i had a pannic attack after smoking. tried smoking about 3 times after that and had 2 attacks out of the 3 times. Now i have anxiety and depresssion ever since but have been sober. Should i try smoking because ive been depressed with anxiety but weed is what caused it in the first place?

  6. actually a lot of buds can cause paranoia especially if it has a really high thc % what you want to find is a bud with a good amount of thcv and I really wish they would do thcv concentrates and cbn concentrates

  7. Its good were looking into other things for mental illnesses but weed is not the end all be all answer. Eating healthy organic foods and drinking RAW milks..ect. will do much more. As time passes science will gear toward natural things to not only help people with these problems but maybe actually Cure them. And just like a comedian once said "when in nature do you see animals inhaling smoke?" U dont Its not natural.

  8. It's all about timing. If I try consuming Cannabis when I'm depressed and have problems with people I love – I feel abnormally and almost sickly "euphoric" while my life is falling apart. Yeah it "helps", but it's a nasty feeling to be artificially "happy" when I'm actually at my wits end. It's not the worst feeling ever. The worst is being allergic to prescription anti-psychotics! 

    One thing people don't understand is that THC keeps you medicated for quite a few hours. Especially for newcomers! 

  9. YES you are fucked up and you are judging me telling me what I should and shouldn't do, you are the one that needs help. I wouldn't normally say this to anyone with mental health issues, but what you just replied to me, you can go fuck yourself. Stop crying about your life, my life and childhood wasnt perfect either, do you see me smoking crack?

  10. 1.You can't speak proper English so don't post on English sites.
    2.If its not positive don't post it.
    3.this was written by a 16 kid who smokes 2-3 grams a day for anxiety and anger issues it was even recommended by a nurse, 2 therapists a anger management councilor and multiple youth detention center councilors i have Anxiety Asthma ADHD im bi-polar and had a bad childhood (worst then most horror films)

  11. Come on man, he's sick. Dude has battled these illnesses for a long time, I don't think he's a pothead. Not that much compassion in your post, which did kinda trouble me as I was quite upset to see how this young man is suffering. I agree with what you are saying though, being a full on pot head is pretty much a bad thing. Real low dosages, mostly social etc, I will be happy to vouch for. Peace.

  12. LOL seriously, does this guy look like he has been helped?? weed addicts will say anything to get their hits.. lol ex hardcore weed smoker… weed doesnt help it ruins peoples, amount of weed smokers i know, they all a state and look a state.. just dont see it when you are addicted to the crap… have fun with it, but dont rely on it, is my advice… try if you want with your good friends you can have so many laughs and good nights. or one to relax before bed etc, but addicts are fools..

  13. I have a history of nocturnal grand mal seizures. I vaporize before going to sleep a strain called Harlequin that's low in THC (which causes the high) and high in CBD (the medical "miracle" component). I've also started raising Harlequin plants and eating the leaves raw. By doing so I ingest more CBD than I ever could by vaporizing and I get no high since THC must be heated to be activated. Search "raw cannabis juice" on the internet and on youtube and you'll discover a lot of helpful info.

  14. i can say the same thing about your comment. you said there are strains that can help me, and cant. so, i ask you, since you seem to know…which strains would be able to help with my epilepsy. i have a mild case of myoclonic epilepsy, im 31 now, and have had it since i was 16. an answer would be good. Thanx

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