Impact Of Recreational Marijuana Sales On Medical Cannabis | News

In the marijuana industry, staff members are planning ahead in case of a product shortage of medical marijuana. With recreational sales in full swing, that could affect medical marijuana suppliers.

Customers in Montana bought over $1.5 million worth of marijuana this last weekend. While the revenue might be high, staff in the marijuana industry are concerned about supplying medical marijuana patients with enough product.  

With recreational pot now easily available, there’s supply chain concerns, along with keeping up with demand.  In fact, a Yellowstone County dispensary owner says he’s been planning ahead for this problem for months, and worst-case scenario, he might limit how much recreational product is sold, to protect the medical buyers.

“We’ll do whatever we can to make sure we don’t run out, but it’s just going to be a challenge statewide. We might limit rec purchases and say sorry, recreationally we can only sell this much, our medical patients need the access,” said Owner of Seed of Life Labs, Zach Schopp.

If you’re a patient that uses medical marijuana, experts say the time to stock up is now, in case supplies run out later in the year.

“We’ve been advising people to get stocked up a little bit, you know get the possession limits, and get what you need.  Right now, I think providers are still looking out for patients and they’re making sure the patients are served,” said Owner of Billings Alternative Wellness, Elizabeth Pincolini.

Some dispensary owners say the expect a higher demand for medical marijuana with recreational users getting medical cards in the future.

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