CBD Oil For Dog Seizures (5 Action Steps and 1 AMAZING Remedy)

CBD oil for dog seizures, the 5 causes of seizures in dogs and a highly effective natural treatment. ***FREE DOG HEALTH GUIDE …


  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful video. I was offered 2x daily phenobarbital for my dog’s seizures (only 6 last year) to be taken for the rest of his life ! My bad gut feeling about this drug and your video helped me decide to throw the drugs in the trash & start my dog on CBD oil 2x per day. I’m also going to feed him more veggies and fresh meat. Thinking about not vaccinating him & definitely getting a natural flea med. thanks again !!!

  2. I'd like to know, can CBD oil help with seizures from a brain tumor? I've got a little friend(14) who has teeth chomping and head twitching, at random times. I've been giving her some for 4-5 months now. She also has Cushings(pituitary) according to the LDDS test. Her liver Alp's are high. Also, would a C-8 MCT oil help? Thanks ahead of time

  3. Gave this to my girl but she was V sleepy anytime I gave it to her, almost high lol. May give it another go just a few little drops. I followed the guidelines but it was too much for her. Now I know the benefits I may start her off on a drop or 2 a day.

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