1. To get to the heart of this matter, go watch the classic 6-minute video, van down by the river. In this video, Matt Foley is the perfect embodiment of everyone who is anti-cannabis…. :-)…

  2. in a democracy, a citizens' referendum carries very little weight in deciding the law. And also, marijuana is so useful a law enforcement tool to arrest people that the justice system would not permit it to become legal

  3. "The lawsuit has nothing to do with cannabis". I don't know what's funnier, that remark or Noem thinking South Dakotans are dumb enough to buy that….

  4. She cut her own throat. More people voted to legalize. It was passed by the voters. Think about that. More people will vote against her next election. People like that hurt our party.

  5. It sounds like the public servants in that fucking state don't like people to get access to medication only big Farma And if the people voted for it they work for the people so it's done

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