How long do the effects of vaping CBD oil last?

How long do the effects of vaping CBD oil last? Vaping is the quickest way to get CBD into your bloodstream, and the effects will …


  1. I love cbd I started out smoking the cbd flower then got a dry herb vaporizer did it that way but couldnt take it with me cuz it stunk like weed lol so I bought me a pod system smok mico and bought 2 bottles of 500mg cbd bottles and wow after the first hit I felt it but instead of going for the 2nd hit I held it in untill no vapor came out on the exhail wow this stuff works incredibly I have sever pain in my ankle it dosent kill the pain 100% but it dulls it out but most of all it makes me feel sorta high like a mellow high weird but I dig it oh and I got the full spectrum the thc in th 30 ml bottle is only % 5.3 my pods hold 1.7 ml of juice I'm only getting 27.2 mg of cbd and per 1ml there is only %0.016 thc which ain't shit lol

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