Trying CBD Oil For The First Time To Reduce My Stress & Anxiety

Just opening up about my stress and anxiety. Today I’ll be trying CBD Oil for the first time and sharing my experience with it.


  1. i have anxieyu and im quitting smoking been smoking for my anxiety sense i was 17 im 38 and im trying things to ease me enough to be able to rest a peaceful night

  2. I'm honestly thinking about trying the oil. Like, I feel my anxiety has gotten way more worse I believe that's how you would say. Because I feel like I can't leave my house, or even go to the store without "freaking out", I start to sweat, I have to move my legs or tap something, NOW… I have broken out in hives.. I hate this. So .. yeah.. hopefully it slows down. This helped me out a lot. Thanks girl.

  3. I just stay in bed in act like I’m sleeping when I’m just laying down with my eyes close when in reality I’m scared because I know it’s been a week in that’s not normal I remember when I use to wake up in can’t remember what happened last night I haven’t slept good since 2017

  4. I'm a few months late to this video but I bought some CBD oil today finally (I've been wanting to try it for years for my anxiety) and I was nervous to try it. This video was very helpful! I'm glad it worked for you 💜 I'm gonna actually give it a try now!

  5. So glad I came across this video. I just bought cbd myself going through horrible anxiety. Can't sleep a full night and just bad anxious feelings. CBD will help so can't wait until I get my order! Take care and be blessed!

  6. i’m 18 years old , and i have severe anxiety . i’m new to this so i’m kind of lost but i want to try cbd because i can’t calm down . is cbd better when you use the oil drops or the vapes ? & where’d you’d get your oil from ? & also how long does the feeling last ?

  7. CBD changed my LIFE Guys. If you're based within Europe, visit VAPEZEN9.COM. I've tried alot of cbd products but found theirs most effective and for 1000mg I haven't found anywhere as cheap in UK. Hope this helps. Best wishes everyone x

  8. At night is when it gets worse for me also I will be fine all day until night time comes I’ve been experiencing so many panic attacks since having to stay at home I noticed that just doing breathing exercises and talking to someone you trust can really help I love to talk and talking gets my mind off of what’s actually going on but I would definitely want to try cbd to reduce my anxiety

  9. Thank you for the review and honesty. I can tell the oil works after the second part of this video. I’m getting a bottle tomorrow! Thank you very much. Love your spirit.

  10. Yes!!! CBD has helped me with so many things, anxiety definitely being one of them. It’s amazing the difference it has made just from adding it into my daily routine. I usually use the tinctures as well but also really enjoy using CBD infused honey sticks in my evening tea 🙌🙌🙌

  11. I definitely want to try I smoke as well for stress and anxiety and I wanted to try something different I know what u mean I don’t wanna be high all day but I do want that feeling of being relaxed 😌 so sis I’m all here for it I love natural remedies as well and weed is one of them 🤎🤎😛 but thank you I will try this for a while

  12. I have anxiety disorder and depression, honestly what’s going on has really been hard for me mentally. The not knowing is terrifying. We are all in this together. Love you girl 💜💜

  13. OMG WOW!!! I really needed to see this video. I know what you’re feeling, my anxiety and stress is through the roof normally just from everyday life. But with all this virus mess it’s definitely a lot more than usual. I to smoke weed to deal with my anxiety but I don’t necessarily want the high feeling all the time. I’ve been thinking of trying CBD for a while now, and I think I’m going to because of this video. Thank you for opening up and being vulnerable with us, love ya girl 🥺💕

  14. The same thing happened to me. I’m still one of the people that has to go to work during the quarantine. I broke down one day driving to work and what made me feel better was praying and talking to God all the way to work. Then I stopped watching all the news updates and reading all the stories about how doomed we are. Also watching people’s success stories from having the virus makes your more optimistic that we can get through it. Yea but the news over sensationalize things and it putting more fear in you than ever because you look at your family and yourself and think it could all be gone, but we’ll all get through this!

  15. Thank you for doing this video. I suffer from anxiety and the last few days have been really rough. It isn't the fear of catching the virus but the unknown is what really gets me. I want normal life back. I promise the things I took for granted before this I will never again. Deep breaths everyone, we will get through this. 🙂

  16. Well if smoking weed helps then do it, buy cbd might be better for you than smoking. Maybe get some cbd edibles to help you. With everything going on my stress and anxiety is high and I was lowkey panicking but I'm on medium level. Stay safe Gurl! I never knew u smoked u never put it out there glad u did cuz I was going to suggest it. ❤

  17. I love you my DMV sis! Your real life honesty is refreshing to me. I can only imagine how you feel out in LA and your family is here in the DMV, but you are handling it like a G, even if you may not feel like you are. Those of us with anxiety issues try so hard to cope without meds first in whatever way works…but if we need meds (CBD, THC, Xanax…etc) we need to take them as needed. Ain’t no shame in my game and happy to know you feel the same. Good vibes to you love!!!

  18. Skip the news for a few days both online and on television. Try to find a few Netflix shows to binge. Cuddle with your doggie. Continue to work out. Read some good books. Use the internet to learn something new. Talk with family and make plans for the future. Find total online strangers and maybe have daily online chats about subjects of interest. It may help center your mind and relieve some of your stress and anxiety. Sending positive energy/good vibes your way:)

  19. I'm in Northern California and its REAL here. I feel you. I too have no appetite sleep issues during this time. You are not alone. We are ALL in this together. T.D jakes has a good sermon on this. Please check it out. Its the most recent on his channel. All we can do is look up girl 🙏

  20. I am staying off Twitter, the news, all of that. I just can’t anymore. Staying in touch is good but not too much. Take some time to yourself. Practice some self care. Do your part but do not focus all your energy on all the cleaning, sanitizing, looking at the news, checking all of the posts about it.

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