Chronic Pain Me Medication and CBD Oil

Feeling really nervous about this video im going to be honest and im really not sure how it will be received but this is me and this …


  1. Hopefully this helps me, I'm currently reducing from tramadol (was on 8 a day, the new dr's reducing me a tablet a week) I've had knee problems for years and I've tried lots of meds but tramadol was the only one that worked! My diagnosis is phantom pain syndrome but I can't cope with the pain it's constant without tramadol! So I'm grasping anything that'll take the pain away as my meds will soon be stopped! dr keeps fobbing me off! So I'm gonna order some!!

  2. Thank you for your story. Mine is similar. I don’t get anything from tramadol. It’s like taking an aspirin for me. I went down the opioid road for a while but the pain was still there but now had an addiction to get rid of. I am still waiting for that, “ miracle” that will take all the pain away and now realize that will never be. .

  3. Did the cbd oil help the withdrawal symptoms from the gabapentin? I take Pregabalin (a stronger form of gabapentin) I want off the medication and hoping the cbd oil will do better without the negative side effects. Thank you x

  4. Hi jules I've tried Holland and barrett cbd oil and cream I'm in severe pain 24/7 but I'm told I need a new hip I'm trying to struggle with pain and take codeine, tramadol,pre gablin and paracetamol since this severe pain I've been so tired it could be the pre gablin as I've took tramadol for years the pain I try to cope with is like a sharp never pain in my leg my hubby's even bought me a new car to enable me to get in and out of the car easier think I might have to try this cbd oil xxx

  5. Fantastic THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing. I am due for my meds review in the morning ATM I am on 6 300g Gabapentin a day and I hate them they worked at the start but of late they seem to be giving me no relief. I am at my whits end because I am self employed and it is stopping me from working that is the pain is stopping me. My Doc keeps saying stop work who the hell is going to pay my bills? I have been on other pain meds but they were highly adictive and my head has already had a massive wobbel coming from a place of being very active to doing nothing has caused me to go down deep but I have always got myself up. I have 3 slipped disc plus of late I am having a lot of pain around the top of the spine just at the bottom of my neck not been to see the Doc yet as I am due to fly out to Thialand in a couple of weeks to be honest I am not sure about going but it was booked last year. You have been very brave doing this video so thanks again hun cant wait for the up date xx

  6. Oh Jules what a fantastic vlog, this will help so many people who suffer with pain. I am glad you have eased your pain in this way. I have heard the same about CBD oil some work, some dont. It helped me understand how you are and how you cope. Look forward to the next one. xx

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