1. I’ve been using Tart cherry πŸ’ to help me with sleep and recovery. I use to use valerian root πŸ˜‚ I’m laughing cuz it stinks haha and it’s really strong…too strong one time I woke up at noon.

    Bobby Hemmitt talks about tart cherry in one of his lectures. And how it aids in the production of melatonin.

    There’s little information on tart cherry that I can find. but it’s selling at the sprouts market I go to.

  2. Yo, really aprreciate u promote Cannabis, but i really got something to say to this man.

    I feel like more and more people Focus on cbd cause i Think the indrustry and try to push us into this cbd thing. Im Not saying CBD has no benefits. But what i wanne say is that when it comes to REAL healing from the plant, THC is the Actually healer.

    The most people Think its only has his psycadhellic Part but this is not true.

    Everyone who knows Rick simpson and his oil knows that THC is THE Actually healer when it comes to healing real deseas and sickniss like cancer and Stuff.

    I feel like there is A bit of an CBD Agenda that gets pushed from Media and Industry to disdract especially the people without Cannabis expirience from the THC benefits….

    Still Think cbd is better then nothing but rember people if u get Seriously SICK DONT FORGET RICK SIMPSONS OIL!!!!

    GOOD Video scott as always stay blessed and positive!

  3. Smoking Marijuana will not give you the same results of what Scott's showin but you can still get some dope mgs from natural marijuana alltho it will be 30-40% less greater than Scott's results.
    Marijuana is illegal in my country and in my town I smoke a spliff before and after every workout.
    Once 1 stopped smoking for bout a month and I got sick with fever πŸ™‚

  4. Yo whats up Scott, found some sea moss at a local natural store, they sold it in bulk but was in powder form, still brought it and incorporated it in my daily smoothies, wow maddd energy!!!! Now I want the real stuFF! thanks Scott!

  5. Vegan athletes are now becoming the new norm. Just four years ago before I went vegan, a lot of vegan athletes did not really exist not today is the opposite. Much love to all of my fellow vegan athlete Youtubers out there. Happy Friday and cheers from Miami🌞

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