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  2. It's even very unlikely you'll get high if you smoke hemp as hemp is actually 0.2% THC where as marijuana (even though from the same plant its a different part that's extracted) has more than 0.3% which is why you end up high and CBD is actually hemp

  3. Dude you need CBD oil you looked like you snorted a bag of cocaine to the face you need to calm down. I have self adrenaline I need cbd to calm the fuck down.

  4. Dude, get off the steroids and Meth. HAHAHA! BLAH ………BABABABABABABABAHHHHHHHHHHHH…..BABABABABA.
    You would make a good singer. You don't breathe between sentences. AAAAABABAABABABABABA

  5. I'm just now seeing this video at least I think. Yes I have a lot of pain and have to do lots of stretching. So this supplement helps you with everything? I'm looking more into this before getting it but it's looking up so far. I tried doing a normal deadlift as something light to me, which is 185 lbs. My wrists blew up and couldn't go on. So what all does this stuff do for you? I'm very into Jesus but I dont do religion but I guess he wants me to do some physical things on my own. I recently prayed about this and got an answer from the 700 club about it being ok since it does a lot of great things. Any thoughts on this stuff? Mostly the muscle and aches and pains.

  6. To get the CBD oil topical rub deep in the tissue is to use muscle stimulator and an ice pack on top. 15 minutes should do the trick. Try it out.

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