How To Choose The Right CBD For Cats | Two Crazy Cat Ladies #Shorts

If you’re looking to give your cat a CBD for kitties, this is the blog for you! A true CBD can offer many benefits to a feline’s health but you want to be sure you know …


  1. Hey ladies,
    We have a one year old female short-haired calico who's been presenting signs of feline hyperesthesia..Twitchy skin, seeing things that aren't there, dilated pupils, 'hunting' for things that aren't there, tail swishing and not using her litterbox. This all came on suddenly this past week..Up until then totally a normal cat. Nothing traumatic or stressful has happened to her or our other cat..Our other cat is a 2 year old male long-haired snowshoe and he's just been looking at her like she's nuts. We're worried about her..We've purchased some high-grade CBD edibles. It hasn't been long enough to know if they're helping..Maybe a little bit? She's not biting herself or chasing her tail which I've read is part of that syndrome. We have an appointment at the vet but they can't get her in for a few weeks. Curious of your thoughts on this and if we should be trying anything else..Can't imagine her living the rest of her life out like this..She seems afraid of nothing and just not herself?

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