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  2. We need more stores to open, products are overpriced. I believe one store open for all of Penobscot County. Edibles not available, Chem 4 is all I can get for vape cartridges. Chem 4 is meant for more experienced users.

  3. This is great news. If the money stays in Maine and not go to out of state or out of the country. The taxes and monies that come from this could be used to help so many Mainers and clean up the state of the real drug issues it's had since 2000(when I moved out of Maine where I was born and raised)when Oxycontin came around and started killing and destroying families overnight. SO many positives can come from the commercial legal sale of cannabis products if done correctly. Hopefully the ones running Maine today aren't greedy and do make sure all the money that comes from it in Maine.

  4. soon they try and Ban guns with legalize pot
    A stoned populace is easier to control than an armed populace… such a sad day..god help us if china gets what it wants

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