I Healed Crippling Anxiety & Depression With CBD Oil

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  1. Hello,
    My anxiety is really bad and I’ve tried meds but never helped so someone recommended me CBD plus oil with no THC.
    I started it today
    Which brand will you recommend?

  2. I had a severe panic attack 2 months ago… Luckily I don't have any more panic attacks but I've been cursed with constant swaying rocking sensation like I'm a boat 24/7… It's so uncomfortable my quality of life has gone down significantly and I'm getting extremely depressed…

  3. Hej hej!
    I’m a Buffalo Swede who lived years in Borlänge! Since moving back in 2009 to Buffalo I became depressed as I missed Swedish life. We are dual citizens so hopefully we move back eventually!
    I was in lexapro for two years and it helped me not get too deep into depression but left me numb. So I’m hoping cbd helps me instead.
    Trevlig helg!

  4. Hi my names Ashley and I’m 15, About two months ago I had a panic attack not knowing it was one I felt very anxious and nausea gagging and couldn’t breath I was prescribed medicine for my anxiety and one for my nausea I feel like they don’t help as much and ever since my panic attacks I wasn’t able to go out eat certain things smell certain things and stuff without feeling so anxious and sick then I got a therapist and she was nice but I’ve had a therapist before and I felt like therapy didn’t help me as much and with my first session I felt so nervous and anxious and from everything I felt like water helped me the best I always have to carry around water Bc it makes me feel better at times when I feel nauseous or anxious my therapist told me what I had which I just call nausea anxiety when I get anxious it makes me want to throw up! But I actually don’t also I tend to hyperventilate alot makes me feeling like I’m slowly dying in a way when it happens I try everything an inhaler and paper bag my anxiety pills and it just doesn’t seem to help so plz it would be helpful to know if you think Cbd might be a good option to try for what I’ve been going thru thank you!🥺

  5. I’m experiencing depression and anxiety for the first time this happened to me out of nowhere . The overwhelming bad thoughts , the chest pains of feeling anxious and not being able to be around a lot of people and moments of sadness throughout the day this is tough but I will try cbd and tell you guys if it’s been working if you feel the way I do ❤️

  6. Panic attacks the past 2 weeks because of startimg perimenopause. Today I took cbd for the first time, 3 times throughout the day. Anxiety GONE. Depression GONE. Withing hours!!!! I was suicidal as well. It's miraculous you guys!

  7. everything I hate about you tube videos. Supposedly telling a from the heart experience, prefaced by "but before I start, I would like to talk about sponsor…." , to the bent over thumbnail. No one is genuine anymore, always an ulterior motive. The oil sponsor thing negated the whole video.

  8. To fellow sufferers, I have found that Reishi mushrooms and turmeric tea has helped me for sure. Just bought hemp oil and starting to think of CBD. After my hellish experience with meds 10 years ago, I will NEVER do anything but natural ways.

  9. Since moving out of my mom's house to live on my own, my mental health has gone downhill. I became anxious and depressed, to the point where I almost got in hospital because I couldn't eat anymore. After 2 months of living alone, my mom got me back in her home te save me. I still have my house but struggle to even be there because of the terrifying feelings I have there. Yesterday I went there, being upset and wishing to be dead. This has been going on for about 7 months now. I read about cbd helping with depression and anxiety and I actually had a bottle there in my house, so I took some. After maybe 30 minutes I actually felt more relaxed and after a few hours I left my house feeling good. So I ordered a bottle of 10% cbd oil (now have 2,5%), I hope so much that it will help me with this problem. I do feel more relaxed and even a bit happy today, which is already so amazing.

  10. Thank you for sharing. I can see it's not easy for you. But it is important for you. Anxiety and depression is not pleasant at all. Also effects me badly. Started CBD OIL today. Stay well and thank you.

  11. I call bullshit. I took a full spectrum high quality CBD oil for a month 3 times a day, 150mg a day and it didn’t do jack shit. It’s another snake oil scam. It’s not this miracle that everyone makes it out to be

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