1. Slowly, neighboring states are peer pressuring other states with all of the law enforcement concerns and fomo tax dollars collected annually 🤣 tex-ass will have no choice soon

  2. We can blame the "drug war" for most all the videos of police corruption and abuses of citizens civil rights. Many rural police and sheriff's departments will be pleased to line their own pockets with the property seizures they're going to make along Texas highways. Now that everyone has a camera we will be seeing a lot of people having their rights and lives discarded along those same Texas highways. This sort of policing makes everyone less safe. As a life long pro-life Republican I suspect that this one issue could also cost Republicans control over Texas government. I hate to see Dan Partick throw away our future over this needless and pointless war against fellow citizens. It's sad to see how Americans who's highest claimed value "freedom" would agree to let politicians build a police state to stop their neighbors from doing something that is a personal decision. We all have a good reason to be fearful of politicians who want to build a police state and miltarize the police. It is only a matter of time before someone decides to use that same force on us for other laws the violate the rights of more and more citizens for all manor of political grievance.

  3. its a done deal in new mexico. its real stupid of texas all thats going to happen is people will drive over and get weed on new mexico. billions will leave the state .

  4. but if gays wanna get married they can………………idiocracy………..oklahoma won't even allow people like me 3 miles from the border to work in the buisness…..gotta be a resident…..texas will NEVER legalize……they are too ass backwards here…..

  5. Homogeneous laws are guaranteed to us by the law. A multitude of conflicting laws set up citizens for inappropriate search and seizure as well as illegal imprisonment according to the constitution. It has been in ages past, referred to as highway robbery or racketeering.
    Yes, this is in fact governmental racketeering.

  6. UPDATE YOU LOST THE WAR ON DRUGS. War on drugs have done nothing but tear families apart and give law enforcement a bullshit excuse to take property.

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