Come take a look at my medical marijuana garden where I have 5 plants in the flower stage. All cannabis plants are growing in indoor grow tents.


  1. Wow…you just destroyed a seed company like that. I know this is a old video, but im sure they got a hard hit from this review of their gear lol…can I send you some genetics to review?

  2. Just purchased a grow tent (300 W LED light). The problem I’m having with understanding the basics of homegrowing is that there’s so much contradictory information on the Internet. I’m at the stage of becoming a little too overwhelmed with information.

  3. i tend to top after 3-5 nodes and depending on the speed of growth my pineapple express grew 5 nodes in about 4 days so i knew i had to top her to keep her contained. I LST heavy when they grow that fast and usually have a trellis. this my 3rd crop now. i was thinkin of partial harvest.. however i was worried that the damage to the plant would stunt the tricomb production underneath idk if that is a thing so i didnt do it. LIVING SOIL GUYS look into it!!!!!!!!

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