2021 In Review: NEK Communities Approve Retail Marijuana Sales | Local News

Residents in seven Northeast Kingdom towns voted at Town Meeting to allow marijuana retail sales in their communities.

St. Johnsbury, Danville, Sutton, Burke, Barton, Peacham and Brownington all voted to opt-in to the state’s new cannabis legalization law.

Voters in Lyndon or Newport rejected the measure.

Under the new law, retail marijuana shops can be opened in Vermont cities and towns as long as they are approved by the voters.

St. Johnsbury voters approved retail marijuana sales by just 31 votes at their Town Meeting held in April.

Other communities held their votes in March including Danville which voted to allow marijuana sales in their town by a vote of 390-316. Sutton approved cannabis sales by a vote of 100-49. The cannabis question in the town of Burke passed by a vote of 133-130. Barton voted to opt-in by a vote of 112-81. Peacham residents voted in favor of marijuana sales by a vote of 168-145. Brownington residents approved cannabis sales by a vote of 68-26.

Lyndon voters rejected the cannabis proposal presented on their Town Meeting ballots by 44 votes. The final tally was 137-181. The cannabis question also failed in Newport City by a vote of, 211-231.

Local officials said cannabis retail shops could be taxable at the local level and will be subject to local zoning bylaws.

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