1. Do not legalize marijuana it's a gateway drug to of the drugs and I think it's a very very badd idea I don't think it's a good idea for anybody to use marijuana while working with heavy machinery as well

  2. It's a plant that God put on dis dam plant. There are medical benefits and it could cure cancer so they need to get on the study of figuring out what it's good for No mother fucker has died. The only dam way u can die from pot is If a FBI jet flys by and they drop 100 pound drop out the plane and hits you in the fucking head so let's consider the legalization of a harmful plant

  3. I feel making marijuana legal would be beneficial on many issues but negative on other issues. The benefits is the general economy would be outstanding. It has already slowed down the Mexican Cartels but the cartels are focused on harder drugs now that are lighter and easier to get across with more profit that is causing more death's anyhow.

    The negative is many would use marijuana at work which raises liability concerns for the employers. Those on pain management contracts can not use recreational marijuana and marijuana does not help all pain cases such as very serious accidents or ongoing surgeries. The use of it recreational is not allowed for these contracts as contracts state in there own wording and in effect to, if a substance is taken that is not FDA approved that is known for pain control, that person gets banned and red flagged even if it is legal.

    Then medical marijuana in Florida can take away driving privilege and the rights to have a gun. Once it is recreational however, it will not effect the rights to drive or have guns so that's a good thing.

    There is pros and cons with all this but overall, I am for it to be recreational Nationwide. It just has to have similar laws like alcohol .

  4. Even if marijuana will be legal nationwide I will remain illegal federally for a long time. Watch the government's effort at the borders as they again work in disguise in the interest of big corporate growers.

  5. My childhood friends parents think im a bad person for smoking cannabis. While their parents get drunk all tge time and say im a bad influence. Im tired of being treated like im a druggie for smoking cannabis. People need to get educated and my nursing employer needs to let me toke it up already

  6. Ask why YOUR State would TURN DOWN 200,000,000 in revenue a year to fix roads and build schools. Oh I know….they can always tax you MORE and take MORE out of your checks to do that …..

  7. I’m conservative and I gotta say, good video CNN! Also I’m in favor of the recreational use of this harmless plant that I use for my Multiple Sclerosis! The tax income alone should be enough for our state leaders to go forth with this agenda!

  8. Eventually people are going to be grown up enough to decide what medicine they want to take. It is a right for people to choose and wrong for a government to keep a substance illegal because they think it is bad. "We the People" should be shown the PROOF Cannabis is worse than Heroin or have it Reclassified and either make it recreational or control it like Alcohol but let the people say. "We the People know Cannabis could get this country out of debt. It would boost the economy. If the government knows this, then the people must consider the government doesn't really want to help our economy and save tax payers much money. Is the government in bed with Private Prisons? " We the People" aren't dumb as Congress wants people to believe. Legalize Cannabis or put Alcohol and Tobacco on the Schedule 1 list.

  9. I use to enjoy smoking but here in Ga I had to stop due to “random” drug tests every month on my job for the last 11 years and I don’t do a dangerous job or work with children like a teacher (teachers don’t do random drug testing) I make a small $18 per hr and work alone so when Pot smoking becomes legal in Ga I will probably be dead and gone.

  10. It needs to be legalized it’s insane to think how messed up some of the medical rules for it are look at Ohio currupt rich people 🤑 trying to cash in on making it medical to restrict who can grow or sell but it will never work any ways fuck the fed laws and state we no it’s harmless roll up 420 and enjoy being alive and good energy positive vibes god bless y’all USA 🇺🇸 legal all the way

  11. Old dying outdated delusional religious politicians who are grasping on to any power they still have. Weed will 100% be legal everywhere in the future but as long as the political system and the religious control freaks are alive they will make weed illegal in middle America for at least another 10 to 15 years. It sucks to say because I live there but at least we can piss on their graves with our thc infested piss after they die. I smoke great weed every day so a law doesn't matter to me in the first place.

  12. We need less of Alcohol* we need less of Pills* we need less of Tobacco* we need less all other Drugs* WEE NEED MORE Marijuana More Cannabis More Weed
    Marijuana/weed it doesn't matter it should be legal everywhere because it grows and lives everywhere on this f***ing planet it's God's creation so therefore it's meant for us all and is the cure of cancer I am Ohio and I approve this message! TDG™

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