1. I just clicked to hear a little. Then you said one thing after another, on and on that sounds exactly !00% how my life is. If i am being completely honest. I am a 53 yr old white man and you and i are like best friends who have not and will never meet. The next time someone asks me what its like, i am referring them to this video. i may just post it on my facebook page as an awareness type thing. no comments or proclamations. etc. hopefully the right people see it. Lot of really hard Honesty in this one. Sometimes its hard to be honest when your thinking is totally off. Ihave to say it sounded like you may have been having what i would call a decent day. When things are going well i try to pretend the bad days just dont exist. Until they do. Thank you for taking your rare, good normal time to reach out to fellow sufferers with some hope. actually, the sudden realization that im not alone is just Great!! Thank You!!

  2. I feel that way i allways feel that something is off in me bipolar type 2. And is rought. Specialy depresion is worse. I going to start cannabis to see if helps

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being bipolar its that we don't have spiritual guides to help balance us. So the corporate solution is antiseizure medications. Yes take your meds. I just wish we had guides and some time…….

  4. I’m bipolar and cannabis helps unfortunately where I live I live in Texas United States and cannabis is not legal witch is sad because weed is very helpful and helps kids with autism and with other disorders nice video I subscribed 🙂

  5. Hey guys. Here are a few sites sponsored by pro-cannabis groups in Florida. Read and spread to become more informed to help people with ailments and stress.


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  6. This is so true you are right on every way ive been manic bipolar deppresion ive used marjuiana for many years and has onlym help me but ive asked many tim,es why God did you creat me to be like this

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