1. I have a dog who has a tumor in his liver I use cbd and thc,he also has an enlarged heart.hes been on it for 2 weeks as hes diagnosed 2 weeks ago he now runs rats plays.

  2. do u think cbd/thc tincture could help with a collapsing trachea….my parents poor pug, is having such a difficult time….he is very empathic and due to such, he is filled with anxiety…which makes his issues worse
    ..mahalo for ur help

  3. Giving my dog CBD oil for an arthritic elbow, she no longer limps or cries because of the pain, she also has been diagnosed with Cushing disease as well, I have tried both of your suggestions and merciful she is doing well! Thank you Dr. Jones, wish I would have found your channel a long time agao!!

  4. Does phenix tears have thc? Would CBD oil without thc be helpful for arthritis and pain control in my bichon? Vet has him on rimadyl. I really hate using it prolonged because of its side effects

  5. Dr. Jones, would you suggest using cbd oil for an 18 y/o Bichon Poodle with congestive heart issue and a slight kidney ailment? Is my dog too old? Would it help at all? Thanks for a reply.

  6. I’m so sorry to learn about your dog. 💙 I’d like to make butter cookies made with ganja butter so my chihuahua will actually eat it and I could potentially sedate her to do a deep cleaning on her teeth. If I gave a tiny piece would this work as a sedative? Thank you kindly

  7. I just ordered oils from Harvest King for my cat. She has kidney lymphoma. Doing good right now after 2 chemo Tx…no more. Im worried about the THC level in the oils…CBD is different then Cbd with THC ,,, right? So straight CBD oil with no THC would help Lymphoma? So confused.

  8. I have my dog on a vigorous CBD protocol. It is very costly but my dog's health and well being is every thing to me.  Doctor, on this protocol he is now not wanting to eat. He wakes up and hacks up a foam, they say that is apoptosis. He then shivers, ultimately he calms down. When you describe Louis's experience, that's what I want my dog to feel. I realize Louis is in the best care with you. What should I look for in an oil. What is the ratio of the cbd you put Louis on? What are the guidelines or ratios one should look for? Please if you can let me know I would appreciate it.

  9. HI…. My dog has tumor in her urethra below her bladder. Both my vet and 2nd opinion vet said to give CBD oil in the "dog version Treatibles". It has very little THC which the vets say anything above .3 THC is toxic. I do not think this particular version works very well or if at all since I am comparing it to the the I take. I use PLUS+ CBD oil with peppermint and I think it is wonderful. I have called the company but cannot get info on the THC level. My question is what do you use???? Brand etc…. Does anyone on the page/group use the human grade for their pets and not worry about the THC level. OR in reality, does it not do any harm to the pet and the "dog version" is just to market a product??? I really need info. I cannot find anyone who has used the human grade on their pet… If I can use the human grade, how much for a 42 pd dog? What brand did you use for Lewis? I am new to your page and after viewing many of your videos….I am so sorry to hear Lewis did not make it… It is so heartbreaking to loose our fur babies….

  10. Fascinating. Thank you for your informative channel. Unfortunately, this type with THC is illegal in UK but I ordered CBD Oil with the THC removed.

    I'm going to try it on my poorly, 15 year old Belgian Shepherd. Any idea what the dosage might be? She is down to 24 lbs. It is 800mg 8% CBD oil – 10ml.

  11. Just found out my 9 year old pug has a tumor in his lung which is causing water to seep into his left lung. We're advised we will need to put him down soon due to it eventually will cause him a lot of pain. Luckily where I live in Canada, im able to buy this medicine. I just bought a 30ml bottle which has 10mg cbd per ml. I'm really hoping this will at least just take his pain away. I dont have any other options so this will do.

    Now i'm curious as to how much CBD to give? My pug weighs around 30 pounds and the oil has 10mg cbd per ml.

    Any recommendations would be thankful.

  12. I have a 92lbs male boxer who has had chronic arthritis since I took him from the pound three years ago. A year ago he started having seizures and he began treatment for epilepsy , phenobarbital. After an MRI showed a few partially slipped discs on his lower back he was put on gabapenten as well as the phenobarbitan, and he gets a steroid epidural every three months for pain relief. My question is can I add to or replace any of his meds with this oil? How can I know the correct amount of oil to administer?.Will this affect his kidney function in any way ? Thanks

  13. if it wasnt for cbd oil… my dog would be DEAD. Her epilepsy had gotten severe and nothing the vet offered worked at all. The day after she had a 45 min + long sezuire (i posted a video from thag seziure) our vet recomended euthanasia as there was nothing else they could offer. I couldn't bring myself to do it. So i went to our local shop and asked for cbd oil. no perscription needed. shes doing VERY well. NOT A SINGLE SEIZURE. zero. The oil that we have bee. getting has extreamly low thc so she doesnt get high/stoned. It costs about $40 a vial vs her medictions from the vet that was about $600 a MONTH. One vial lasts about 2 months. She loves her medicine. she always faught her medicine and would bite and struggle. but she LOVES her cbd oil. we put on bread or scrambled oil or rice… whatever we have. if we forget she remindes us by not letting us go to bed until she gets it. Shes healthy now. off ALL of her medications including for pain, arthritis, and allergies. Her chronic skin problem is now totally gone (shocked) and zero seziures. She has her life back!! She is doing great and we couldn't be happier.

  14. Hi! Here a message from the Netherlands. Just subscribed to your channel. Good to hear and read all the good things about CBD oil. When our White Swiss Shepherd ever gets in bad shape or health we don't have to consider to use CBD oil, we go for it!! We ourselve use CBD oil too.

  15. Here in Poland all CBD products are available without prescription 🙂 However, I'm a bit skeptical about its affects. My dog has serious joint issues (arthritis) and a liver tumor (hepatocellular adenoma) which was removed in May 2015 and unfortunately grew back in the beginning of 2016. I've been giving her various supplements from turmeric (curcumin), sylimarin with SAMe and other non-traditional/herbal supplements. Not sure if any of those are working but so far the new tumor remains stable; although her liver values fluctuate but are relatively decent. In any case, I thought to try CBD oil for arthritis and the tumor. Here it is available in various concentrations at 2%, 4%, 5%, 10% and 15% of CBDa & CBD. I've put her on the 10% for about 1.5 months and have not seen anything of value. She continues to show moderate signs of pain and discomfort in walking and getting up, and remains very slow. Did some blood work a few days ago and also no improvements in liver values. This stuff is very expensive, so I don't know what to think. However, during this time, I have continued to give her turmeric (curcumin), sylimarin and more recently resveratrol. Is it possible that all these supplements, in a addition to CBD oil, are somehow colliding with each other and offsetting any positive benefits? Also, if CBD does in fact work, what concentration? CBD is also available as a paste, in a syringe, with much higher concentrations of 20% and 30%. Any advice or professional opinion is very welcome. Thank you.

  16. Hey, my names Luke, and I was just wondering if there would be anything I could get for my dog rosy, she's about 13 years old, and she has a lot of bone spurs in her elbows, to the point where she isn't able to walk without her two medications (one is a pain killer, the other an anti-inflammatory.) I feel like she struggles to eat, she's able to but not as quick as she used to. (She's lost a lot of teeth) and she has a really bad back, as well as possible cancerous tumors in her legs. The vet said she has about a year left, but I just want her to enjoy her last bit of her life, and be in the least amount of pain possible. If you can think of any possible solutions, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  17. Thank you for being my go to vet when I need advice. I have two Great Danes and I have to be my own vet from time to time. I am glad to hear Lewis is feeling better. I lost one of my Danes to bone cancer. I wish I had seen this video before Harley passed.

  18. heya doc if you like i have a pretty kick ass pdf ebook from an amazing vet who's also an herbalist she has helped me so much in cancer treatment for dogs
    i help vets with cancer
    there is a section in the book on mouth tumors and formulas used
    I'm happy to email it to you

  19. Awesome! My vet attended a workshop on cannabinoids last year and he shared with us what he learned, though we'd already some knowledge, having used oil to enhance the last days of our beloved Tater when he developed rapid progressing lymphoma. BTW, if you find Cheech and Chong in the dispensary it's still ok:) My own experience with marijuana started out recreational and I admit I still enjoy smoking it, BUT I've learned so much about the benefits to health as well. So now I make some of my own products, which include muscle rubs, honey and oil for my dear friend who suffers from MS and my canine family members. Cannabinoids cause cancer cells to self destruct, so a wee little bit daily in their kibble I consider preventative medicine. I hope this experience was one of personal growth for you and others who are new to all this or maybe just learning the truth about marijuana for the first time – it has been vilified with such vehemence in our past and for reasons BIG MONEY doesn't want you to know, as opposed to it being the gateway to even more dangerous drugs, which it is not:) God bless and many thanks for sharing your experience, Doctor!

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