1. AvE, I smoked weed a handful of times in high school and it makes me hella anxious. Then everybody tells me that im smoking the wrong shit. I'm sure you've heard this one a time or two.

  2. Pop the seeds in a damp paper towel sealed in a bag in the dark then plant and put the lights closer so they don't stretch the faster they grow the more male they are. Use CFL bulbs to start them

  3. Don’t know if you’re still growing but if you are get coconut coir to grow in as your medium (soil) run the lights 24 hours a day or you’re just wasting time they could be growing trust me they don’t need dark while they are growing just when flowering so when they get about half the size you want them switch to 12-12 with your lights they will double in size or more! They are ready when you can take your microscope you have and look at the looks like sugar on them at first they are clear then the get cloudy and finally they will start getting amber in color soon as about 80% of them are amber it’s time! Cut hand in complete darkness until you can bend the limbs and hear them snap

  4. My uncle threw the end of a blunt off his back porch once and it grew into a weed bush the size of a 55 gallon drum. He tried to pull it up and the damn thing just grew back even bigger. The funniest part is that he's really pissed about it. "It's in my way" he said "Grows up over the edge of the porch and blocks the view out the door."

    He also lives on a farm in Kansas, so it could be your soil.

  5. Next time get a 2 foot or 4 foot shop fluorescent light to use. Yeah even the old school tube lights work fine for germinating. Toss the seeds in a water bottle with a little bit of water covering the bottom. Once they crack, they'll sink then you'll see them want to sprout. You put that on a heated germination pad in a red plastic cup and under the fluorescent light then go in the tent once you start to get some growth coming in. The humidity/germination domes with the heated pad work great, let them chill in that for 2-3 weeks and even a few weeks in a red plastic cup if you get the tall dome. Then you slowly take it out or vent the dome to slowly get them used to your environment. If you see them starting to droop, get them humid and under the dome again.

  6. grow them in bigger pots from the start, let the soil dry out between waterings, theese plants are drought resistant, they can handle underwatering alot better than overwatering. nice setup you got, i am glad to see you using multispectrum led´s

  7. Omg I’m laughing my ass off. Ave Has a totally legit setup over here. I’ve grown in a closet multiple times with a fluorescent light and a timer. An as far as the sprouts. A plastic container and heating pad some wet paper towels. Once they sprout out them in the little peat moss disks that expand with water till they are big enough to put into a red party cup with a good mix of potting soil and peat moss. Then let em chill for a few months under timed light. Don’t forget to water every once and a while lol. Simple as that ta da! Also I definitely never grew anything illegal where I live was just regular ol plants for the yard lol they all grow the same right?

  8. I don't know about Canada but the United States made weed illegal so that DuPont's new polyester wouldn't have any competition in the form of hemp rope. Hemp rope is much better.
    William Randolph Hearst made large investments in forests to have his newspapers made from & he didn't want the competition from hemp paper. The only thing is an acre of hemp yields the same amount of paper as an acre of trees without all the pollution & hemp grows like an, um, weed. Weed isn't illegal for our health, that's all I'm sayin.

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