What is CBD Hemp Flower?

What is it? CBD Hemp Flower is the usual term given to describe strains of the Cannabis Sativa plant that have high levels of CBD and low trace amounts of THC …


  1. Lol I have a sensitivity to THC unlike anything. When I smoke cbd flower with a THC content above 0.5% I panic. But I still love and smoke cbd flower daily. I just look for sites whos are trusted and post there flowers THC % so I dont have panic attacks when smoking. And I take it slow. Also no bongs or joins. Above all else say no to delta 8/10 fuckin never doing that again.

  2. How did you remove the THC from the flower what’s the process of growing the flower genetically why is it the same but experience wise and chemically it’s different that’s what I wanna know

  3. I searched for hemp flower on YouTube after visiting a smoke shop in NC and they had the flower on display. I was immediately uncomfortable and confused because i thought it was cannabis. Thank you for sharing knowledge ❤️.

  4. It is the same plant but if one gets u high and other doesn't thats a BIG difference lol. Someone has been selling me "fire green"(with thc that is) but the more I got it (4 times) I realized I never would get a buzz really at all. It did relax me but when I went back to my old plug I got so blowed off ONE hit of his…Then realized wth lol this other guy has been selling me cbd. Not cool. I get if u want to get it but being tricked is messed up. Ive been smoking over 21 yrs so i figured if that ever happened i could easily tell.. it looked Exactly the same and even smelled over the top strong. …That's my only issue. Seems like ppl are getting cbd and passing it off as bud with thc. And with the smell and look (like you said its the same plant) I couldn't tell. I had to smoke to know. And even then it took me a while to realize what was going on.. then I found out the guy works at a store that sells cbd flower 🤦‍♂️. Oh well. Wont be going back to him. Unless I'm looking for CBD. If I called him out on it. He will just deny im sure. And its hard to prove. Lesson learned. Sucks tho becuz it could happen again and u won't really know until u try it.

  5. In Ireland, THC is illegal but you can apply for a special license (I think only a handful of people have been granted one though).
    I just discovered CBD flower and I love it as an alternative without having the dumbass feeling.
    Police here have raided CBD dispensaries and taken their stock.
    I smoke CBD outdoors sometimes but you still get funny looks from people thinking you're a scumbag, wasting time getting blazed. Hate the stigma.

  6. Its the best flower I have tried. I stopped smoking weed a long time ago, but I recently started up again and could not handle being high like when I was young. But thanks to hemp I can have that same great smell and taste without being all high. It does mellow me out nicely. I love Hawaiian Haze from Plain Jane, keep on growing them hemp flowers please.

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