1. Nice video, I use Libre and Blucon and love them. The alarms are nice and are loud enough to wake me up. You can adjust your BG ranges to whatever you want. The best part of blucon is I can calibrate it for higher accuracy!

  2. I appreciate dr ajakaja on YouTube for eradicating my husband diabetes totally and permanently.with his powerful natural herbal remedies thank you once again Dr.ajakaja you are a life saver…

  3. I know of someone who had both cancer and diabetes and has been a diabetic for longer than she had the cancer. She later started to take CBD oil which is basically marijuanna oil and behold after 6 months on CBD, the diabetes went away stunning the doctors (but they didn't know she was taking CBD oil along with her insulin). She died a couple of years later from the cancer as the diabetes never resurfaced.

  4. Are you open minded? I am…..hence this response. I am a case study in “anecdotal” evidence on this topic. To me it’s not anecdotal. I am 57. Type1 for 40 years. I am also a 20 year survivor of stage4 testicular cancer. I have impeccable control of my glucose levels and have had for most of the 40 years except during chemo🤷‍♂️. I have raised an “highly” functional family and been married for 32 years. None of my kids smoke weed🤔. I have a university education and have reached the top levels in my professional field. I coached my kids. I mentored others. Did I mention I have smoke “recreational” marijuana since I was 14?

  5. Behavioral therapy does not work and insulin and Metformin are awful drugs to take. If all of this worked there would be no diabetics. Nothing new here. People are looking beyond the failures of allopathic medicine (conventional) medicine, which are legendary.

  6. basically if you get stoned and forget to measure your sugar level or give insulin or both or get the munchies and eat the fridge weed is bad but if you dont do those things you should be good, except for the last part about ketoacidosis that needs more reaserch so better safe than sorry

  7. I smoke weed and im kinda chubby but ive been smoking and exercising cuz ik i cant just eat unhealthy smoke and not do exercise but i realize even when i dong smoke sometimes i feel thirsty i have very dry skin snd psoriasis on scalp and idk what is causing this i dont eat alot but im kinda chubby but i have alotta muscke mass

  8. Nice video, for monitoring my glucose values I use Nightrider CGM with Libre sensor. I am able to get alarms for out of range readings, share readings with my endo and caregivers. It's the best method of tracking exercise, diet, and other activities on one platform.

  9. As a type 1 diabetic who was diagnosed in early jan of 2016 at age 19, weed is the best way for a diabetic IF u want have a good time or just use it for its medical purposes. In these last 5 years or so in dealing with diabetes weed itself has almost no effect on blood sugar itself in raising or lowering blood sugar Which is a great thing. Achohol can VERY Dangerous in the short term as it can very quickly lower blood sugar to dangerous levels you combine that with insulin and its all over within a few hours forever. So inconclusion since weed does not require any maintance you can't really over or under correct your dosage, where as a DIABETIC its a very fine line your walking when using most drugs achohol, opiods,etc without a doctor closely monitoring you.

  10. "1:27" Appreciate Video! Have you considered – the Hamilton Diabetes Reversal Protocol?
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    It is an awesome one of a kind product product for reversing diabetes without the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my partner got great success with it.

  11. I will say I've seen people "green out" when their blood sugar or blood pressure is on the low side, either from not eating or from taking certain medications. It's happened to me as well.
    (I don't know the medical term for "greening out")

  12. This video is a joke. Caffeine , Alcohol and Smoking cause more damage and are more addictive than Cannabis why not ban them ?
    SIMPLE Weed industry don’t have money to lobby your greedy politicians
    Who will buy your unhealthy Pharmaceuticals that cause more damage than weed? No one

  13. Me I'm diabetes type 2 and since i decide to smoke weed, i realise that my blood sugar is back to normal (i smoke around 1.5 gr a day) even when i cheat on sugar. those that mean it work on me

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