1. ive tried CBD and can feel a little calmer – I have 500mg and take 1 drop in morning and 1 drop at night – start small and adjust from there if you need to.

  2. also DMT has just been confirmed as a smart drug, look up the news about tests in mice in which it increased the amount of nuerons in their brains by 40%. this is truly a time to celebrate

  3. CBG and CBN work even better. Also try THC-O. careful with CBD if your on benzos, it can have a naloxone type effect, you would want to use it before you take a benzo if you are on them, otherwise just stick to CBG, i feel it works better anyway and you can take it with benzos.

  4. Time to start recommending BRANDS and POTENCY!! I can NOT fins ANY CBD that has had ANY measurable effect on me! NONE! Period!! Wonder if it's like Adderall, affecting ADHD symptoms differently than the effect non ADHD people experience on it!

  5. I made the most fire homemade CBD oil using 6 ounces of various Hemp Flower strains. Decarb flower, grind up, put coconut oil in crockpot for 6-12 hrs and strain. Put in fridge. I used a 7.25oz of coconut oil, needless to say it is strong.

  6. I have suffered from mental illness all of my life and nnothing has ever helped and ihave suffered addiction and severe side affects from psychiatric mediction. I tried CBD Gummie Bears 8 weeks ago and ihave never felt so good mentally. they help with my rheumatism also. My mental health team are astounded and so pleased to see me so well and so is my son. Sometimes little miracles happen. Thank you Joe for this show.

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