1. Oh wow!!! This grow is so similar to the one im doing now! Just found living soil and holy f my plants are responding to them. First two grows i used remo and had oddly good luck. First one went definitely a lot smoother. This one is going too smooth. Just adding water feels like im cheating. Excited to learn more bro ur channel is goated.

  2. I’ve had several times when this happened. Never affected my yield or potency tho! I got 117 grams off a Skunk #1 that did that and I had it tested at a lab and it was rocking 28% THC so no issue to me 👍🏼🔥❤️🍿🌎

  3. Apparently I have the Tobacco mosaic virus.
    My leaves look EXACTLY like your leaves.
    However, it is only effecting two sets of leaves on one of my plants.
    I’ve had the virus for about 2 months now. I’m in flower and I cannot see any noticeable difference in growth from my other plant. Everything seems to be ok.

  4. Mosaic viruses are terrible! I've got a plant with that virus I have isolated it. You got to keep anything that touched it isolated. It can even infect it's seed. There is no cure. I just got running 20 different strains and am on a pheno hunt, And now I have a plant with this virus. I may have to completely end my cycles and start all new. Completely cleaning out everything and anything that has ever been in contact with anything. I thought having rooting aphids was terrible! A person that so that only grew one strain and all from the same clone would not have to worry too much about this. Always when getting a new clone into your facility you need to isolate it for a long period of time, Because sometimes things don't show up is easy with this virus. Or maybe a insect infestation, May Occur a few weeks after bringing a new plant into an area. Patience is a virtue.

  5. Yooooo, I currently have this virus going on right now with my Maui Waui Girl. So far I've seen no issues whatsoever during the Veg stage. I'm in week 7 and she's looking beautiful! Love your content Matt, keep it up!

  6. I have a 1.2×2.4 with 2 600w zeuse pro 10liter airports and 1 litre airports i have a drip feed I wanted to ask your opinion ho I also have the ec vectore fan 8”and6” but back to your opinion do I need to have anything in place to help me have a good run I’m unsure of nutrients I like the shogun with the 70/30 mix would I need a humidifier I live in the uk and it’s not warm at all and also would I need to use some sort of heater too bring the room up to the correct temperature please just give us as much as you can think o& to help us out thanks love your videos. Chow peace John

  7. Do you still upload to your patreon? Also, do you upload more content there than on YouTube? If so, I want to /will join your patreon ASAP. Thanks !

  8. I have had a couple of different Cream Caramel(Sweet Seeds) do this mutation. Have been growing one of them for 2 years and it can grow very slow. Also some small bud and poor yields. However, my friend has had a few huge yields with it so i persist. It's never spread to other plants and we are pretty sure its a genetic trait, 2 of 3 seeds from this strain showed these type of leaf as it starts veg stage but seems to be much less as it gets bigger.

  9. I had the same twisted leaf thing happen with a few of my plants but I’m still learning and getting different yeilds from the other plants, I’ll have to look out for this in the future

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