1. I'm vaping the salted caramel banana bread pudding 1000mg nu-x. First time cbd vaper. Good stuff. Definitely calms you. I Normally use medicinal thc back when I'm home and this was a savior in the middle of my trip. Tastes awesome

  2. Great review bro. I'm just about to get into cbd vaping. I'm a vaper anyway. I'd just like to know what device your're using and where i'd purchase from online. I don't live in the states, thanks.

  3. 30% off? Hahaha. That's not a deal man. It's 50% on Direct Vapor. Plus, I STRONGLY disagree with you about the Riptide being the Best closed end pod system……because I've tested a lot of devices myself (I just don't have a YouTube channel like you do)……and I personally think the Ripstick is THE WORST closed end pod system. And anyone reading this comment can believe that, because I'm not trying trying to sell them on it to put money in my own pocket (no offense, I understand it's a business). I'm just saying, the Ripstick, is trash. I stopped using mine after 2 days. I still have a couple packs of full pods as well. In fact, it's so bad, that the people I work with, I let them try it (because they all vape), and they too said it sucked, spit back too much, and didn't produce hardly any vapor. However, Riptide does sell bottles of eJuice…..and those are on point!! Their device is complete garbage and a waste of money, even if you bought it $5, it'd still be a waste of money. That's how trash their device is……but, on the other hand, their bottles of eJuice are on point!! Because that 60/40 PG/VG ratio, is imo, the perfect ratio 🙂 🙂

  4. Always love the content man. Keep at it. As for this, it's cool…..but Naked offers a 1,200 mg bottle for $35. CBD makes you feel "more normal." THC gives you more of a "high." I do both personally. For people who smoke weed, it's just meh……but for people who don't smoke weed, or don't want to be high, but still get the benefits that weed gives you……..then this is absolutely for you! 🙂
    I personally rather smoke weed…..but if that's not your thing, then CBD is definitely the way to go.

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