CBD Vape Oil + Anxiety | Lorena Decanini CBD Review

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  1. I am 72 years old. My blood pressure is high and I take meds for that. Yesterday my vape pen arrived and a bottle of hemp oil. About 2pm, I had it working and took my first hit ever. First off, it does get you high. And I do know that feeling, believe me. So I smoked all day and noticed my Type 2 diabetes hand and foot pain was gone, I could make a fist and wiggle my fingers. So, I go to sleep early, normally by 7 – 7:30 every day. Woke up at 5am, rested, alert, I mean amazingly alert, OK? Got up, dressed, moved around, something was wrong. My vertigo of 15 years was gone, not a trace. I did not wobble, no holding onto the wall, I was steady, which I have not been for many years. I walked outside with my brother when he left for work, up and down the stairs, around the parking lot and back inside. NO VERTIGO AT ALL. I simply can not make you understand how that felt with words. It was/is amazing. It is now 6am, been up only 1 hour and still feel great. Can't wait to see if my blood pressure comes down. :o)

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