1. If 70% want it legal nationwide, then whats the problem? The people have spoken, write the bill….. but no, big pharma and alcohol industries are in the pockets of the officials we voted into office

  2. you keep bringing up the song something Republicans that don't like marijuana there's a millions of us that would want this past and we're all Republicans you just if it came to either being Democrat or Republican or marijuana or not if I had to give up marijuana not to be over you Democrat then I would do it because you look at all the Democrat rans ome marijuana look what comes with it we want the marijuana we just don't want to democrats with it

  3. Why won't republican help legalize cannabis federally? They are the only party that can. Many people do benefits even if others do not. It's sad America approves cigarettes & alcohol over cannabis who do we blame president Nixon is no longer here we can blame on the prohibition? Have a medical card in my state but I can't consumer my cannabis the way I freely chose

  4. Only two doctors testified at the hearings for the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 – the deviously named legislation enacting marijuana prohibition. The representative of the American Medical Association said there was no evidence that marijuana was a dangerous drug and no reason to prohibit it. He pointed out that it was used in hundreds of common medicines with no significant reports of problems.

    In response, the committee told him that if he wasn't going to cooperate, he should shut up and leave.

    The only other doctor to testify was Dr. James C. Munch. His sole claim to fame was that he had injected some extract of cannabis directly into the brains of 300 dogs and two of them died. When they asked him what he concluded from this, he said he didn't know what to conclude.

    Dr. Munch later testified in court, under oath, that marijuana would make your incisors grow six inches long and drip with blood. He also said that, when he tried it, it turned him into a bat.

    Dr. Munch was the only doctor in the US who thought marijuana should be illegal so he was appointed US Official Expert on marijuana, where he served for 25 years.

  5. The only argument you hear anymore is gateway theory and what about the kids? The gateway theory is just that, a theory. People that drink alcohol are way more likely to try stupid things while drunk. Still, there is no substance on earth that has a chemical that pushes someone to try crack or meth. Scientifically proven. As for the kids, parents need to parent. Same as with alcohol, guns in the home, other household items that are dangerous. People should warn there kids of the potential dangers and keep certain things out of children’s reach. The type people that allow there kids to do drugs or leave loaded guns out are doing it regardless if you keep it illegal or not. They are the same people that drive under the influence. People that ride around smoking weed don’t really care if it’s legal or not and are doing it now. They used to say weed fried your brain and killed brain cells until science proved it increased brain cell growth. Every scare tactic they have used about marijuana has been a lie. So many lives were ruined and lost against the war on marijuana. It was made illegal for racist reasons in the 30’s and been on the books ever since. Way overdue to call out the lies and legalize nationwide.

  6. I’m a Conservative/Republican and I totally agree! It’s a shame we here in Alabama make something that could help us become more of an Independent state! LEGALIZE!!!

  7. Suppose dude can say "Uhhhh" a few more times.. hard to listen to a guy that sounds like a burnout. Even if he has good points to make on any subject.

  8. So many elderly people in Alabama are in constant pain..some have gone to the streets to purchase illegal drugs bringing in the dangers of fentanyl addition to them. Would be far less dangerous to just legalize medical and give folks an option. Just my opinion.

  9. So glad to hear sense coming from the South which is plagued by hatred and downright stupidity. I am from the South so yeah I know, hatred will drive you crazy. We are all living in a very stressful time and everyone needs something to relax and take the edge off physical pain. You must understand these laws were put in place to jail non-white people, now that white people are into it like never before. Thank you Mr Perry for having an understanding of what will benefit the people and the state. As for the bad laws, we will take a win on legalizing marijuana. IT'S NATURES WAY OF SAYING HIGH, AS WE SAID IN THE 60'S.

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