Select CBD Pen Review (Tested 4 Select CBD Vape Pen Flavors)

Check out my full Select CBD Pen Review below: In this Select CBD Vape Pen Review we’ll cover these …


  1. Just picked up the Revive one. Was debating weather to get this one or the Relax one since I was trying to find one to help me lay off the flower I was looking for the one that’ll give me the closest sensation to that. Let’s hope it works

  2. I have both the drops in lemon ginger and a lemon pen and after giving it a shot. I haven’t felt anything at all and it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Just have to shop around more I guess

  3. I've tried this, but have had questions that it seems the company doesn't get back to one in a timely manner. One is, how do you know when the vape pen is empty??? Does the light go out at the end of the pen? I'm thinking since I do typically three 3-sec each inhales per day, sometimes maybe 4–that this pen is not going to last me very long. I've read in the comments here that it doesn't really last up to 150 6 second puffs. I know there are other companies that I'm trying that tell you the light at the end of the vape pen will go out once it is empty. I'd really like to know with this Select pen.

  4. Ive never had one give me 150 6 second puffs,like the box says. Seriously? Maybe 45-60 puffs max? Ive bought at least 10 of these maybe 12. They are very expensive at 35$ ea. I wished you actually got 150 — 6 second puffs 😢….I'd love to see them make a zero thc pen that isn't disposal.

  5. First time messing with CBD products. Thank you for the video, it really helped me feel confident in my decision to order from them. Though I wasn't quite sure which one I should go for. I have SPD, schizoid personality disorder, and CBD had been suggested to me before. I went with focus this time because I figured it might help me get out of my own head and focus on something else instead, but next time I might have to try the lavender.

  6. Great and informative review on this particular brand. I have found from my research that they are good quality and not overpriced. I hope they make gummies in the future -preferably vegan!

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