Marijuana Legalization – Marijuana Hydroponics Grow Guide – Grow Top Quality Marijuana

Grow Marijuana Easy with hydroponics – This marijuana grow guide explain everything you need to know at growing quality marijuana. Vote Yes For Marijuana …


  1. Fantastic video!!! Best I have seen. Still in the planning phase of my own setup but you have changed my perspective on so many things. This is a must watch for anyone considering home growing. Thank you so much!

  2. After some research I found out that most handheld pH meters and most meters won't be accurate for DWC growing because the distilled water contains very few ions.. I found out that you have to use a special probe called: SX811-PW Portable pH Meter for Purified Water (Drinking/RO/Distilled/Deionized Water), Equipped with LabSen 803 Electrode, Plastic/Lead-Free Glass. You can find it in the following link:

  3. I am using distilled water for my grow. I purchased a Apera Instruments PH20 pH Tester and it says that it does not give accurate pH levels for distilled water. Can you tell me which pH tester that will give accurate pH levels for distilled water?

  4. mr green man is turning me into a fucking pro thank you so much. pictures of my first 'improvised' hydroponics setup on my page. made possible for me only from learning mr green shit rock on **edited*/ short video of my setup plz comment and i love feedback

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