Hemp Concrete Walls (R30 + Fireproof) – You Won't Believe How They Built This House!

Check this out, Hemp construction! Hemp has been used in various forms of construction dating back to the Romans, in bridges, sails, ropes, and now more …


  1. This looks awesome, the only thing I feel concerned about is its durability. Like if I were to take an axe or a sledgehammer to the hemp brick surface, I'd like to know if it would hold its integrity.

  2. i'm always a little suspect about capturing structural components into void-less assemblies. like spray foam……it's tough going back…..high cost to access /repair / modify over lifetime. Check out the Hemp-lego bricks instead. Plus forming? wow! this is super "look at me" early adopter stuff. let the millionaires play they don't care about 20'-30 years down the road.

  3. Hey Matt, I noticed that Just BioFiber has a hempcrete block system that enables structural construction. Can you do a video about this style of building? How would you address air sealing with an all permeable construction? Or push the R-value up from 21 to passive home ratings for climate zone 7? https://youtu.be/eqLXXjvQXgI

  4. That was the most square, inaccurate intro I’ve seen on your channel. Hemp and cannabis are technically same plant but are very different. Hemp couldn’t get you high if your life depended on it.

  5. Seems like a useless product to me. It needs studs and steel beams to keep that 10 inch wall stables? Use metal studs and rockwool insulation and you'll ha e the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

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