Potent Ventures Inc. looking for fresh opportunities in the cannabis space

Potent Ventures Inc has announced that it will change its name to The Gummy Project, with a new stock symbol GUMY.

“The name and ticker change are necessary as part of the overall proposed rebranding process and to accurately reflect what we expect our primary business strategy to be moving forward and our portfolio of products,” said Charlie Lamb, president and CEO of the company.

The company said it expects the name change and ticker change to become effective upon the Canadian Securities Exchange approving the “listing statement” and the “change of business” being approved by shareholders. The company will continue to trade under the CSE stock symbol POT until the effective date.

The company also announced that it will issue 428,571 common shares to two separate consultants, for an aggregate total of 857,142 common shares, under each of their existing contracts with the company. The common shares are being issued at a deemed value $0.035 per common share.

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