Mexican Cartels Are Growing Marijuana In California’s National Forests

Drug trafficking organizations now doing business in U.S. national forests, exploiting public land to illegally grow marijuana. In California, where resources are …


  1. That ain't the cartel. Lol the cartel has millions of dollars than to be stupid. They have connections to Columbia ect. These are cheap ppl trying to get money.

  2. How is this different from what Americans have always done? Look up Humboldt County and all the people who have disappeared there over the years. Tied to the American marijuana business.

  3. So there are Mexicans in Adidas shirts and Nike pants holding ar-15's driving through Californian woods and plant marihuana plants? I'm surprised those cartel guys even found that spot while being unable to follow a GPS instruction on their stolen Ford f-250

  4. Well yeah duh there in the sea in the air under ground tunnels alliances with other governments the DEA has made deals with other cartels to help deal with another cartel it's just a big business not going away cause of need and demand for the supply and there money. be made the goverment going to want to change the currency into digital currency so it can be tracked by the goverment and big brother

  5. I’m for more funding and more manpower to be able to investigate and punish those who harbor the cartels they’re literally selling poison distributing these out to streets with deadly chemicals out to the public, is a terrorist act to the american people. I’ve seen what fentanyl heroin cocaine can do to people it is a tragic push that they keep pushing the demand is something to be said but the excuse to keep making it shouldn’t be something we should put up with any more.

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