1. it doesn't help my lifts directly but I use it to balance out the caffeine in my preworkout. prevents jitters and anxiety (like it's supposed to do) but potentiates the focus and energy of caffeine.

  2. Hello! This vid is so so informative! I have been trying to find for vid like yours that really informs the topics in this YouTube video! 👍Your breakdown is similar to the vids of Dr. Ethan! Doctor Ethan's tips are totally educational and he actually helped me a lot on exams!

    I recommend you see his YouTube out and give Dr Ethan a subscribe over here! 👉 #DrEthanEducational

  3. CBD is a vasodilator which increases blood flow therefor providing more oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells.

    However its anti-inflamitory effect might reduce gains seen as imflamation fuctions to promote muscle repair and growth :/

  4. If CBD reduces stress then shouldn’t cortisol levels drop and help out with gaining fat? I know this is about muscle building/help with work outs but I find I have a quicker recovery (just me) or maybe it’s just a placebo effect. ……. interesting video and a thumbs up 👍

  5. The only way CBD will help you in recovery for bodybuilding is if you have issues sleeping (which is when you recover) THEN CBD will be beneficial as it will help you get much better sleep hence better recovery.

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  7. I have pretty much all the issues research says it is at least promising with, so I started taking some recently. Given my prior anxiousness was so severe that I would overthink even traffic lights I have found a lot of benefit in it. Now when I see a traffic light I don't try to figure out it timing, ponder the odds based on the flow of traffic of someone running it, think about the measures at the crossing that make it friendly for use by the blind, and more all at once. I just see the gd traffic light and wait. It's just a freakin' traffic light, Me, calm the hell down. lol Of course this is just anecdotal, but I thought I would share my prior silliness.

  8. Hey Mr. Picturefit can you do an episode on supplements such as Cocaine, Heroine, and Meth. And scientifically explain as you always do, what would start happening if an athlete started taking them

  9. Hey man i enjoy watching your videos my english is not that good but i started workingout its 1 month but i see no change i am ectomorph so what should i do can u help me whit first how should i gain waight and how to wrokout i am 14 years old pls and ty

  10. i love train on thc xD i smoke before and after workout… and i can make more while training and i recover much faster after workout. i sleep better and i eat more and i feel less muscle pain. well probalby IT DEPENDS …

  11. My CBD is great! Has ZERO THC and comes with QR codes on the packaging to assure me of all ingredients used. Has helped me in my athletic recovery and anger management… look up Aspire Organix on Instagram or Pinterest those guys products are awesome 👏🏾

  12. Although needs more research it was originally targeted for athletes of combat sports, and other contact sports where there is constantly bruising and inflammation (and anxiety performance), and there is some kind of research (although more is needed) that it kinda works. It is not for brous wanting gains. I do not know why people started looking it for gains —___—-

  13. This I am monitoring myself. I lift and smoke CBD flower of course. I have noticed better recovery personally and certainly anxiety relief from CBD. As for gains and strength I could not honestly credit CBD for any of that…Yet

  14. Got an Ad for The Cannabis Experts Youtube channel right after I finished this video. Those YT algorithms are sharp.

    Presentation of this video was awesome PicFit. More animations done with a lot of flair. I like the funky comic sans style font used. And the jokes had nice timing and delivery.

    But, I can't deny I personally would have been happier with one of the other suggestions in the Patreon poll. I'm biased of course, but i think a video on one of the established mainstays of the Fitness world as suggested in the poll would have been a more content rich video, with more useful takeaways for viewers.

    But, democracy decided things (by 1 vote), and I do accept that. Here's hoping this current Patreon poll results in a topic chosen with more research available and more useful information for the viewership.

    Thanks as always for your hard work.

  15. I know it’s not the healthiest way to ingest cannabis, but I been chiefin nuggets for years. Haven’t missed one day of medicating. I like indicas because I do landscaping and it helps my body recover faster I feel. More cbd’s perhaps than in sativas? I think so my friends.

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