1. I've personally used alot of this websites cbd including this same pen.its absolutely great so idk what this guy is even talking about lmfao.there shatter is on point to…the pineapple express and grand daddy purp shatter are absolutely great.more dis likes then likes lmao goes to show ya this guy has no idea what he's talking about 🤔

  2. Am i suppose to add a tip to the pen or i can use ut Str8 out the box? This shit is harsh on my lungs. Dude is not lying at all and y’all going at him in the comments. Ive been using cbdfx but wanted a stronger pen. This pen is bad

  3. Lmao this review is trash for anyone who wants this product. I purchased the 300mg Pineapple Express and it’s awesome. Obviously it’s not going to taste or smell like the bud. The benefits are great. You feel it after 2-3 hits. I would recommend for the price. Comes with a rechargeable battery as well.

  4. CBD doesn’t have a distinct flavor. You shouldn’t be worried about the flavor when you take this medicine. Clearly you are not using these products to your benefit. What does Pineapple Express taste like? It’s simply just a strain… Jesus

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