Letter: Jankowski has double standard on marijuana and taxesss | Letters

President of Batavia City Council Jankowski and his fellow politicians on that august body are all for raising taxes from the new business of marijuana dispensaries in the city,as evidenced in a “The Daily News” article of Dec. 15.

I thought that Jankowski et al. were members of the Republican Party, and that that political group was all for lowering or eliminating taxes, and was all for free markets with a minimum of taxation, as bedrocks of their political philosophy. I guess it all depends on whom and on what taxes are to be levied, eh, Mr.Jankowski?

Further, Mr.Jankowski is a retired Batavia city police officer. As I understand it, during his entire career, laws against marijuana were enforced by him and his department.

Does any hint of the phrase “double standards” come into my discussion here? Please help me out,as I’m confused by these two issues of taxes and marijuana, and Mr.Jankowski’s stance on both!

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