How to grow Blue Gelato 41 from SEED TO HARVEST Complete Grow Guide with TSL2000

Covering the entire growing process of my Blue Gelato 41 cannabis grow from seed to harvest using a 4×4 Grow Tent and a pair of Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED …


  1. Big up therpy highs I’m learning it’s my time to do my 1st grow soon guys wish me luck blaze on blaze high enjoy enjoy enjoy live live laugh blaze eat sleep repeat the gods of the cannabis are with us let’s get it

  2. You should’ve removed the drivers and mounted them outside to where the cars can’t get to them. It would’ve helped a lot with heat management. But the light do good for epistar diodes. I’ve had great luck with them when I started out. Now I’m rocking the optic 650s and a GC ROI 720. In a 12×6 room

  3. It's my dream to grow..It really is and it's intimidating lol, I have a great friend who grows BD all the time, he says it's a durable plant and grows great…I really want to grow blueberry and Afghan gew , idk if they are easy or hard to get ahold of..Do you have any advice on a great book or anything that can give me a step by step on how to do this , materials ect

  4. I;'m running Blue Gelato #41 from Barney's, it's an absolute beast, but has a propensity for throwing herms. I'll run it one more time after some improvements in the room, but if she throws even one nanner, she's gone. I've got plenty of other gear to take her place. Running Watermelon Zkittles(1 run) and Moby Dick(seedlings) from BF also.

  5. Came to learn a complete new beginner , the crazy cat lady in me forgot the plants and just concentrated on the fur babies . Let,s try again this time stay focused or at least try 😊

  6. good day. do you sell cannabis seeds with thc over 22%. and whether it is possible to send 10 pieces to serbia. and shove them in a hood in some sweatshirt where there is an opening for a rope. I would pay for everything.

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