1. Dear Dr. Youn,

    Are there any updates/research findings on CBD oil? I'm an adult woman that suffers from adult-hormonal-acne. For a long time I thought CBD was quite useful. However, in general, dermatologists "think" it might clog pores. Two of them told me "stay away from ALL types of oils". What is your opinion on the matter?

  2. For the people asking where to buy the oil go to your local Walgreens , cvs , or pharmacy and look for HEMP OIL it’s usually where the hair care aisle is

  3. I`m not going to lie.. so just trust my word. My mother bought a 50$ cbd from a drug store and I used it once … nothing changed , I was using alot of niamicide , azelaic acid , hyaluronic , acid salicylic (sorry If I say to some the wrong name or spelling , english is not my first langague.) I used it 3 days later aswell , like 2 drops , I was like wow 1 drop and you don`t even feel it on your face is like you are rubbing it with your bare finger/palm. But Maaaan for ME , right now I have not a single pimple ( I had rosacea for like sience i was 12-13 , now I`m 18) I had a pimple like the one that is beneath the skin and hurts , my face is all really smooth , my sebum secretion is fixed because niamicide or salycilic acid , idk wich because i used both , and my face is sooo good I neeever had a face like this sience I remember !
    If you suffer with acne , and tried 103201 milions of things ,I suggest you it might be the best thing in your life in terms of skin care, If it dosen`t work I`m so sorry , but for me it worked, I like 2 weeks I used it only a little , not much , and goodbye pimples I guess …lol… I`m surprised as heck. Give it a go , hopefully it will for you too. Take care.

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