1. Hi Ben, it’s interesting. I’m T4 complete and suffering from bad spasms and neuropathic burning pain.
    I want to try the medipen so could you please give me the link or website details where I can buy from?

  2. 150mg of canabanoids, not CBD, sounds like a scam mate cant find a single thing on the CBD content in Medipen, NHS would love to make the quality they use as dodgey as possible to delay it ever being recognised.

  3. I have very severe spasms, almost non stop all day random throughout day hundreds and hundreds, stomach arms, legs, neck , face , you name it. I am very similar to you I have been diagnosed with M.E + Fibromyalgia & Arthritis in both my knees and I am 37. Body constantly shakes and it feels like the nerve endings, I really want to start taking CBD I cant manage cannabis its too strong for me even the weak stuff, I think it has a negative effect as my nerves are broken. I have had gabapentin, Meloxicam, Tramadol, Diazipam ou name it they have thrown them at me, I am looking for a strong strong CBD oil that 1 drop would be enough daily and you feel the effect, I need my body to calm as its killing me living like I am , Im in UK too.

  4. Hi Ben. I've just come across your channel a couple weeks ago, I've started using the medipen after I'd heard your review on it. I couldn't of come across your channel at a more perfect time, I'm a T5 complete paraplegic and have been suffering from bad spasms the past few months. I have tried baclofen but like yourself couldn't cope with the side effects. The only to options I had according to my spinal consultant was Tzanidine and Dantrolene which both require monthly L.F.T tests and I was very reluctant to try. But the medipen has definitely helped so far so good I've been using for about 11days. I've been using the pen in a similar way as you described in your video in combination with some good stretches which I also learned from watching another one of your videos and I'm doing so much better pal and no pharmaceutical medication required. I've subscibed to your channel keep doing your thing bro. Respect

  5. Is the CBD you use made from the hemp plant or the marijuana plant? There's companies here in the states that try to profit and mislead people by selling cbd from hemp which is no where near the quality of the marijuana plant cbd.

  6. Thanks for this Ben, you are an amazing guy, as for CBD oil it does taste like dirt lol. The oil never worked for me, I'm on Bupronorphine for pain. I like the sound of the vape but, don't understand what you mean different flavours?

  7. I am in the US and I am overwhelmed with the options out there. I take 600mg of Gabapentin 3x a day and 20 mg of Baclofen 2x a day with Meloxicam 15mg once a day plus a 5 ibuprofen at once several times a week. The effects are frustrations. About 5 hours after I take my meds it really messes with me. Thanks for this video, I'll see if my Dr has an interest in this option for me.

  8. Hey there! Great video.
    I have a qestion, when you say that you felt like your memory was going what do you wanna mean? Because I´m also a wheelchair user and I sometimes feel that while I´m studying I can´t get things inside of my head, even if I read it a thousand of times hahaha and I think that I´m taking the same medicines as you´re

  9. Hi Ben, thanks for this, I love your videos. I had a spinal cord injury in 2011 and the spasms was a bitch. Bacolfen highest oral dose didn’t touch them so now I have an intrathecal bacolfen pump where the medication is delivered directly to my spinal cord space, no drowsiness or other rotten side effects from oral tablets and a way higher dose. Works great for me so far, have it about 3 years. Would love to try CBD oil for pain and sleep though!

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