1. dr tiffany is a damn idiot. weed is highly addictive as well. its also against federal laws. the fda hasn't approved it for a good reason bitch. because it isn't good for you

  2. For some reason I cannot find your video with an unvaccinated teenager. You know the one you said you wouldn't allow your son to hug. I have a vaccine injured daughter. She turned out to be allergic to one of the ingredients in vaccines so she cannot be vaccinated further. Just wanted to know if she also seems dirty and contagious to you. Maybe we should get a law in place mandating unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children to sit in the back of the bus. They pose a great threat to the rest of the vaccinated society because they might infect vaccinated people with a disease they don't have. Let's also make all Hep B and HIV positive people sit there in the back, unless you think that it is safer for your son to hug those people.

  3. If it calms people than why when people were arrested did all those police reports read that the people using the weed were violent combative and a long list of negative descriptions made to sound like those people were not human and should be locked up ? ? ? ?

  4. I'm so glad the lady in red mentioned getting to the root of the problem with anxiety. There was a lady on before this segment who mentioned she had endometriosis and bad anxiety. There is a direct link between anxiety/stress and hormonal situations like fibroids and endometriosis. So smoking weed may alleviate your anxiety issue in the short term but you still aren't dealing with the root of the issue. That's the problem I have with people saying it relieves their anxiety. Anxiety doesn't come out of nowhere and more and more people have it now with the lives we live. THAT needs to be addressed. We aren't born with anxiety, so figure out why you're always anxious and it can help your hormonal imbalances and you won't need drugs. Smoking weed to cover up anxiety is like putting a band aid on an open wound. You aren't solving what caused the wound. I guess if you're fine covering up the real issue with weed, but it isn't the ideal solution in my opinion. Anxiety is debilitating. I know because I've lived with it most of my life but I'm also working to find out WHY and HOW it started with me. I want to get to the root….not cover it up with smoke…literally.

  5. I'm sure it can & will. Truth be told ,I'd rather have the medical marijuana than popping pills. I'm 53 ,a Mother, wife and have a stressful job and life. I'd rather have a certified Dr. prescribe for me even though the street weed is just as good. Thank you Tamron and Drs.

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