1. It's only right i introduce y'all to Dr.ademise  the great herbal healer with natural roots and herbs supplement which cures herpes virus permanently from the body system, I'm a living witness to his good works

  2. I found my deliverer on YouTube called Dr Madida that helped me cure my Parkinson disease with his herbal medicine. I have being suffering from this disease for couples of years and couldn't doing anything anymore but all thanks to Dr Madida whom with his herbal service reversed this ailment.

  3. I was dieing from a combination of cirrhosis with parkinson syndrome. Brought on by HepC and squamous cell head and neck cancer- glandular- multi organ cancer-ANS . Esld. Platlets under 40K Prognosis = 3 month mortality. Extreme pain treated with opiods. Put my papers in order expecting to die anyday. I started tacking RSO oil to treat cancer as a last resort. I started to improve imeadiatly as I was able to stop opiods which were excelerating mortality. The RSO covered pain while enabling sleep and food. Consumption. My cancer retracted but better yet stopped the agonizing body spasms
    That brought me to pray for sudden death. Bottom. line , 5 years later cancer remitted, Hep C gone (DAA), stage 5 PS controlled inspite complete ANS. I am on my feet working , comunicating again. Im on a lifetime maintenece CBD that create homostacious. Not cured but controlled and experiencing a dramatically better quality of life. Cannabis is a miraculous broad spectrum herbal remedy obviously put here from our creator as a universal medicine

  4. Hi Dr king. I'm a big fan of your work. I a m diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's disease at age 36. Unfortunately I was a drug addict of crack cocaine which bought on my Parkinson's due to neurons of dopamine being damaged due to excessive use. I am currently using coconut oil and I -tyosine and an exercise program which has improved symp toms. I refuse to use levadopa as I feel it is too synthetic. Keep up the hard work doc. God bless

  5. ??? Watch…."medical cannabis and Parkinson's part 3 of 3"!!!!!!!! SEEING IS BELIEVING!!!!! The gentleman in the video is a retired cop!!! The video is only 3 mins long.😳 it will blow your mind!!!

  6. I would love to do a follow-up to this and tie in sports, and how the Neuro-regenerative properties of CBD Isolate were easily viewed with a brain scan over an 8 week period! Thanks for the information Dr. Sexton, and Sarah!

  7. Generally/roughly, what melatonin dosage do you recommend for a younger patient vs older patient (who has falling asleep but can usually stay asleep once asleep). I wake up at 8am. I know I should get 6-8hrs of sleep of night, but it can be 2am and I still wont be able to fall asleep many times. This pushes my sleep schedule (circadian rhythm) ahead, which isn't good for a person that has to work 9-5pm. I try to get early morning sunshine to help combat this, but doesnt seem to be enough.

  8. I have, PTSD, ADHD, anxiety and BPD disorder 1. And it's so frustrating making my mom realise how bad I need this with my meds. I wish adults from the 70s would listen to the generation today that's why we all butt heads because generation after generation are so stuck in there ways it makes it so frustrating. 🤦 Like bang my head against the wall frustrating and scream to the top of.my Lungs. . 😣😤🙏

  9. Tylenol and marijuana in rubbing together and you can smoke it out of a white boy piece of paper and let it dry and then you should be all right you're feeling better than them drops and it will work it says in the Bible then you can throw away all them other drugs but Tylenol in marijuana so get up you ain't got to be in no pain no more

  10. Limeades Michele Franklin and I live in Washington DC where the president at let him be aware of what we what you doing and I stand with you thank you marijuana Madison marijuana what kind of medicine would you put in it Tylenol

  11. Yeah the lady say I'm your backup be blind so imma get some Tylenol get some marijuana and soak it up then smoke it up and I should be not blind no more yanky if it's legal or not it's going to be just like it's going to be cuz you ain't put no needle in my eye and make my eye pimple blue he'll know my girlfriend did that 6 time your eyesight did not come back and she only took that medicine marijuana she would be able to see but she died you see her name was Niecy Denise Barnes my girlfriend

  12. Unfortunately, CBD and THC long term reduce our production of endogenous dopamine. So, while we may get some relief from symptoms, we are exacerbating the problem. It is better to embark of a proven program to recover your health.

  13. I’ve been micro dosing for 18 months with cbd oil that includes 2.5 mg of THC [which In australia is still illegal] . I’ve had great results in regards to freezing gait and shuffling, pain and stiffness,. However it took a. Bit of time to get the correct dosage for me.. too much tends to exacerbate symptoms but now I’ve got the right balance it’s worth breaking the law to get the relief from pd symptoms.

  14. I tried CBD and also THC. CBD didn't really help, and I felt dizzy and foggy when I took THC. I was scared to take it. I'm 84, have mainly rigidity, bad leg spasms at night, and what I call writhing, some tremor. My sleep is now greatly disturbed –not good! Plus it was SO EXPENSIVE!

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