1. I've already calculated the Tax Revenue. New Yorks underground Marijuana Market is just over 4 Billion dollars. Now, add that ontop of all of the new customers that will be buying Weed , i'm estimating it'll be an easy 8 Billion + in Legal weed sales. Now factor in everyone coming into the Country through the JFK airport. Tourists that want to see the city, thousands, upon thousands per day, pouring in, trying the Legal Weed because their country is still Illegal. Bro, New York is going to be the new Weed Capitol of the World. Straight up.

  2. Newyork is just copying New Jersey, like a bunch of jerks!

    LMAO, but we all know that this is Andrew Cuomo spending as much political capital to keep his nose above water after all the condemnable behavior from sex harassment accusations and leadership failures since and before the 2020 covid19 Pandemic

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