Morristown council to decide if marijuana dispensaries are allowed in town

The Morristown Town Council will be voting on if marijuana dispensaries will be allowed in the town.

The ordinance the council members are voting on would allow for two dispensaries if it is approved. However, the dispensaries would only be allowed in two specific areas – Ridgedale and Madison avenues.

The locations could prove to be difficult for potential business owners. Ridgedale Avenue is not very long and holds businesses such as an Enterprise car rental, a Wells Fargo bank, a lumber yard and a car dealership.

The one location where a dispensary would seem to open is at the location of Sam’s Auto Repair Shop, which now sits vacant on Ridgedale Avenue.

Along Madison Avenue, there does not seem to be much space either.

Wednesday, Dec. 15 is an important day for those interested in obtaining a license to start a marijuana business.

“The first license applications are being accepted on a rolling basis for cultivation and manufacturing,” says Bill Pascrell III, with Princeton Public Affairs Group. “It’ll be interesting to see how fast the state responds to them. I believe there’ll be literally hundreds of applications.”

Pascrell has lobbied many municipalities considering if they will allow marijuana businesses. He reminds the towns of the tax revenue and job growth each would gain. On March 15, he says the state will be taking applications for recreational dispensaries.

“It’s quite possible that by July of 2022, we will have our first recreational cannabis sales at a dispensary,” Pascrell says.

New Jersey is one of 19 states allowing the recreational sale of marijuana.

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