CBDFx CBD Vape Pens Review | 4 Flavors | 30mg Broad Spectrum CBD

The CBDFx Disposable CBD Vape Pens define quality and convenience. If you are looking for a method of CBD consumption that delivers quick relief, then …


  1. Is there weed in this. I wanna start vaping cbd to help with my anxiety and stress. Does it have weed. Will it hurt my lungs like what? What are some side effects. What will happen when I start doing it will it change my voice? What's hemp too btw?

  2. I’m currently vaping the fresh mint disposable pen from cbdfx and I really enjoy it. The flavor reminds me of that mint gum that has the little minty beads in it that make your mouth and throat really cold 😂 if that makes sense. Definitely going to try the blue raspberry one next 💙

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