CBD VAPE JUICE + Peach Rings Shabazz Short | Booma CBD | CBD Hemp Product Review

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  1. Thanks for all the vids 'Bazz. I was finally able to cross over to "the dark side" with some homemade hemp flower edibles. I am low tolerance for thc like you, but I still like to flirt with it a little, and plus I've gotten pretty good at talkin myself down lol. I made canna butter and put three quarters of flower to 1.25 sticks of butter, and have just been eating the butter, pretty potent, but could still stand to be a lil stronger. I did not use unsalted butter even though it seems all methods say to; I will next time. Do you think that makes a huge difference? Would be cool to see you do a video on this topic "making cbd edibles" and your thoughts. ✌🙏💯

  2. 👍Good content, let's see some CBD dab/rosin products in the near future. I worked at a Co that sells CBD it was pretty sad to see how they rip off the customer. The edibles are not infused they are sprayed which at the point there's no accuracy on the milligrams unless their transparent about their method, It is most likely all the CBD gummy type edibles on the market are sprayed, you haft to eat a few bags to feel something and at that point your sick of gummies I know I tried.🤣
    (I use CBD for medical purposes so I need the strong stuff!)💨💨👊💪

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