Outdoor Marijuana Water & Feeding Secrets (Candyland Pt 3)

When it comes to outdoor marijuana growing, your watering & feeding schedule is critically important. BigMike and the guys from Ken Estes’ Grand Daddy Farms …


  1. The key to growing a healthy garden of cannabis starts with a feeding chart usually a calendar works great a good farmer rights down things for a better crop the next year I grow them 12 foot tall too

  2. Way too much feeding, I've had outdoor plants yield huge with just some phosphorus and bone meal and worm castings mixed in the soil before planting 1 foot plants in the early spring, by oct 6 feet yielding pounds.

  3. Interesting, I watched some other video that says follow the water, water, feed, water, water, feed cycle. You guys are opposite. Guess I'll have to test which is better.After this grow season can you plant new plants in the same pot or do you have to remove the soil and start over with new soil. That can get expensive, no?

  4. Thats alot water most of the time in Ontario we struggle using liquid feeders because it's so wet threw out the year we add alot to the soil to help feed it threw the year biggest challenges are usually drying the soil out or flushing at end of the year the flushing is rushed during outdoor season cause people wanna avoid bud rot and cut early

  5. Easily most informative truthful help anyone can get anywhere in the world keep up the love gentlemen beautiful plants ! Rookies take notes lots of info in a short time! Thank you .

  6. How much water are you giving when you water everyday like that?….I’ve been watering similar to you guys but I think I might be getting root rot. The middle of the plant(main tops) looked like root rot(stunted growth) but the outer tops and side branches are nice and green(healthy)….anybody experience something like this?….how do I get these girls back up and growing?

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