I Tried Medicinal CBD For A Week To Help My Anxiety

So this was a much requested video, and I’m hoping that it could be educational, informative, and entertaining! This video is NOT sponsored but I’m thankful for …


  1. There is a distinction in the voice of a cbd user you can only tell when you are behind the wheel now normally the drug can creep in your sleep cbd is taken to focus on free time use it.

  2. Be aware that CBD is not a magic cure. You need to change your way of thinking and lifestyle to get the most benefit from it. Combined with meditation and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy it can help to change your life. Also, make sure you are getting a good quality product that has been properly lab tested. The FDA have come down hard on CBD manufacturers making claims it is an approved drug and some brands have been found to contain impurities or not the dosage they claim. Personally, I dry vape the herb itself as it is less likely to contain impurities and I find it gets into the system faster. Stay safe and be well, everyone!

  3. I need to buy some for my anxiety since I been working out I don't have the panic attacks and stopped smoking. I want to smoke but I came to far to smoke again. CBD gummies I wanna try.

  4. I tried THC weed and thought I was going to die as I felt extremely dizzy, couldn’t speak correctly and had small moments where I lost my memories, and my heart was racing extremely fast… *will CBD not give me that type of high? I just wanna be relaxed as I’m a bit of anxious all days… thanks for reading*

  5. I took 600mg CBD drops in the summer of 2020 , me ma and her friends were out in the garden enjoying the sunshine having a few beers ,

    After about 45 minutes of taking 2 drops of the CBD oil under the tongue, I went out and told her that I was taking to her cousin 3 or 4 days ago and that he told me to tell her that he said hello and asked how she was keeping ………….. but ,
    Here's the interesting part
    I wasn't even talking to anybody, I was at home all week and me ma knew that and she knew something wasn't right ,
    The way I walked out and said that to her out of nowhere and just went back into the house ,
    The problem was….
    I was in a psychotic episode aka hallucinating , I spoke to him about 3 or 4 months before hand……..
    As I walked back into my house I snapped out of the episode for a few seconds, then I had just realised what I had said ,
    I ran to my room to take my xanax and just as I got to my room I was losing touch wit reality , I started screaming and sat in the corner of my room wit a knife saying there coming after me , get the fukin guns , they're on the way ,
    It was at that point that me ma seen the CBD oil in the window ,
    I ended up in hospital, they had to inject me with a high dose of xanax to knock me out ,

    Moral of the story is : CBD ain't for everyone, if you are someone who has a paranoid kinda personality then CBD is gonna fuk you up , it works for some people and don't work for others , all I'm saying is at least speak to your doctor before you take it

  6. I think the perfect flower would be something high cbd with low- medium thc where u still get high but not a powerful high , anybody know a good strain like that? I’m in texas so the only thing legal here is cbd bud strictly, I’m not gonna smoke thc anymore because my dealer only sells high thc strains … I like getting high but I prefer a easy mellow high

  7. I have anxiety and have panic attacks to as you can tell by my pfp I love this video and love you I hope you continue I know I'm late but I hope you still are to help your anxiety

  8. I love Cannabis.. when I take it before I go to work I am happy and I dont care about things around me and my stupid thoughts I have bacause of my personality disorder (when I take little bit more by accident I am paranoid but thats all negatives xD)….. I just do my work and time flies by soooo fast…. best PLANT on EARTH (if I dont take it I hate my life and I hate my job and I feel like 8 hours is 18 hours.. but I am talking about the THC cannabis not just CBD… but I ordered CBD today so I will test if it has similar effects)

  9. Sorry, but to say that weed used daily is safe is waaaay overstatment and a big blind jump.
    Some ppl can get CHS when using long time pot. and some can get depresion or psychotic episodes.
    So i dont agree with this. And yeah i smoke pot not daily latelly, but i did daily and not a sqn from shitty streer level…

    Ppl need to wait for long long time use tests and resaults.

    Excuse moi for misspelling 🙂

  10. Thank you for your videos!! I'm a daily smoker for anxiety and inflammation. I'm about to try my first real CBD treatment. And this really made me feel better about it 😊😊

  11. Hi Candace! For your bad days when there is literally nothing wrong in life, get on chaste tree extract. It’s an herb in liquid form. Take it consistently. It helped balance me out so much! Good for the hormones. It doesn’t taste good but I mix it with a splash of water and take it like a shot. Good luck!

  12. CBD is great. I enjo y cbd isolate, high cbd & thc rso, oh Pineapple Express Meds has an amazing cbd hemp balm that I beluve saved my life last yr. Flower w high cbd i can get some 1% or less thc doule % cbd & 1:1 recently I had 3 high cbd strains. Mango haze ( a gain) 5%thc 8%cbd. A c bd indica land race+new tome)6%tc 10%cbd & cannatonic again 18.8thc 11.2cbd. Widow strains high in c bd kick ass!

  13. Here I am at 3am unable to sleep. Ordered a bottle of CBD oil, hoping it works as I've tried CBD gummies in the past and they certainly made me feel more happy and at ease

  14. I’m just trying CBD this past two weeks I would like vaping the flowered so far the carts haven’t really done anything for me and then the gummy’s takes forever for it to work for me like 6 hours for it to kick in

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