Disposable CBD Vape?? | Timbr Organics Product Review

More CBD reviews on the way! I hope you guys are wearing masks and staying away from each other CBD Care Package Video: https://youtu.be/otKOx8g2fsc …


  1. Ive ordered the cigs. I really wanna try them but damn it's been 4days and they still haven't packed it.also ordered from exhale wellness.
    I can recommend 3chi decent quality, and constant. Avoid hempire or what ever it is now they straight up refused to tell me we're the produce came from, and it's hella funny, it's either you eat or smoke some stuff nothing. Then the next time it's bamm.

  2. Hey man check out "secret nature" they have some cbd vape carts as well as a delta 8 +cbn cart which I just ordered. Can't wait to get it. Hopefully it performs better than the delta 8 cart I bought at a local tobacco shop.

  3. I recently ordered myself one of these. The shipping label is created and awaiting to be sent out. Can't wait. Wished I had the funds to get that sample pack. Also thanks. Glad I've found your channel. I'll try to remember to use your coupon code when I order my sampler pack.

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