Let’s smoke CBD and talk about why it may be better overall for your health, well being. I will be informing you of the health benefits of CBD in case you weren’t …


  1. Great video!
    I used to smoke THC everyday for almost a year and a half, and then I discovered CBD and haven't looked back.
    I'm struggling with anxiety, stress, depression and chronic migraines, and CBD gave me something that THC failed to do, helping with my problems whilst allowing me to go on about my day!
    Also, I've been told by my doctor that I shouldn't be ingesting THC with my meds (SNRI) because it can alter their effect, so that's another point for CBD.
    My favorite strain so far has been Blue Dream form 4ease, it's a Polish company but I believe they ship to other European countries.
    Once again, great video with a lot of helpful information that I wish I had known when getting into CBD.
    Lit 2022 (hopefully)🔥

  2. I love weed! But fortunately I haven't been able to smoke weed lately cause of THC which triggers my anxiety and I also have social anxiety too. I'm gonna try CBD!! I've heard alot about how it put the body and mind in a state of serenity. And I hope that Is true, I love weed so much for good reasons.🌟🤍

  3. I live an hour away from Wichita but does all of the CBD stores carry the flower cuz I really don't feel like driving all the way up to Wichita when I can go somewhere that's closer

  4. Thanks U ❤ … After taking LSD I couldnt smoke weed anymore and I love smoke so I think Im gonna start cbd!!! I love marijane too but to much paranoïa 😭🥺 rip to my big joint from the past.

  5. Fuck weed I smoked it for 7 years years and it made me a little dumb but enough to realize I was forgetting shit … if u don't agree with me ask ur self what occupation u have and if it's not a doctor therapist or something highly skilled don't even reply u won't notice the damage

  6. It's lit 2021.
    It's funny that she said this year is gonna be great. But then I saw it was posted a month before everything stopped. Still great video.

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