1. For the best results you want to get organic cbd products, flowers and extracts you want them to also be full spectrum. I like to get mine from dreamland organics. Great Video!

  2. It is difficult enough to isolate the effects of two things that have an entourage effect let alone the half a dozen of the most occuring, but if we try to study them all, 80 or whatever the number of cannabinoids in cannabis( forget terpenes, that's even worse!),
    We just cannot do it.
    The permutations even using a computer to model combinations would be too much.
    Since our methods of isolating a chemical for it's observed effects fall short of the "real thing" (natural), we need to use a more encompassing approach to research of cannabis effects…I only wish I knew a clever way to model things of this sort.

  3. I tried it last week, I always smoke thc all day everyday have been for a few years now , I've tried cbd tinctures and flower form, they were def good they helped, but I took a couple bong rips and one tincture full and that definitely did it, you have to keep the thc to cbd ration like 80/20 and it'll give you a much stronger high it got me pretty good

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  6. I am 65, and I suffer from the Late Effects of Polio. My nights are the worst. THC seem to work best for my muscular spasticity and I sleep like a human should. My dosage is 2 cap-fulls once a week.

  7. As someone that's been smoking it since16 and its been over 22 years now and still do. CBD helps you feel the effects of THC. I smoked weed with high thc for years and got to the point where i became numb to THC. Couldn't feel it no matter how much i smoked.20% range for thc to.Than i started learning about and using CBD and it's made a massive difference in my use. I smoke 8 %THC 8%CBD now and now i get stoned extremely easy and smoke much less because i got the comfort sooner.

  8. The entourage effect is a place we all seek but few find it is canabis bliss beyond explanation
    So find the entourage effect for yourself and then teach others few have found or understand the actions taking place seeking the entourage effect

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