Medical Marijuana: Five Facts You Might Not Know | Consumer Reports

Medical marijuana has been touted as being helpful in treating chronic pain and a wide range of other conditions, but there are important things to know.


  1. I. Just read your article yesterday in your current issue and found it just as stupid as this video. I am able to walk and work now after getting hit by a car in 2013 by using Cannabis cream high in CBD. In your current issue and video not a word is mentioned about creams. Marijuana high in CBD does not make one high knor hallucinate and one can also buy weed to smoke high in CBD. Oh guess what foods are also high in CBD, broccoli,carrots and turmeric all have traces of CBD and in the EU now CBD is considered a whole food and nutritional. CBD mainly helps inflammation that is why turmeric tablets are sold to help inflammation, arthritis etc, etc. You guys clearly have not done enough research on the benefits of Marijuana and the forms one can use it and varieties before posting and writing such stupidity.

  2. whats up with the dislikes? literally all of this is true and is very helpful information. what the hell is wrong with people where they here something almost negative about marijuana and assume someone is demonizing it.

  3. Properly prescribed prescription drugs taken correctly cause THOUSANDS of deaths every year. And terrible side effects. Yet here we are finding fault with marijuana. Yes it is a schedule one drug like Heroin. Does anyone think it is comparable to heroin?

  4. And the paranoia continues! Not to long ago some one killed two kids on a moped with their truck in my area. First news reports said that the man who hit them was test positive for several prescription drugs, alcohol and pot. ALL news of the case after that only mentioned pot, go figure. Before sentencing for the first charge he was again arrest with the same prescription drugs which he did not have a prescription for and pot. Want to guess what following news reports said? Nothing about the prescription drugs, just pot. I have smoked and I have drank, the world is a better place for us all with smokers than drinkers. The claims of panic attacks and other mind related problems don't tell you that those people were already mentally unstable just like those that say pot is dangerous. It has been used for thousands of years by billions of people with NO PROBLEM!

  5. Oh Dear GOD! As a former Police and Narcotics officer this is outrageous. I knew CR was losing it when they created UNDESERVED hysteria about the Suzuki Samurai being unsafe (falsely!) so many years ago. Now, as a chronic pain patient who needs the most potent Opioid medicines made, this is the most laughable and flat out WRONG information I have ever seen in my 67 year life! This is just so off the rails it will now at least allow me the energy to get up and cancel my CR Subscription to both the magazine as well as my online subscription. You people REALLY need to get a grip. You are making fools of yourself and THIS just tears it for me…..NO more of CR distortions for this old fart. Enough is enough.

  6. Someone at Consumer Reports needs to smoke a joint. Who said marijuana cured anything? Does Tylenol cure your migraine or treat the symptoms of your headache? I love the gratuitous "marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug, its exactly like HEROINE and LSD" "keep it locked away from your kids!!!!!" "flashing RED graphic, panic attacks, accidents oh my!!!"….. Next lets see a video about the heroine pills your doctors can and do actually prescribe you. Stick to reviewing toasters and cars please.

  7. straight propaganda. I smoke to avoid panic attacks which lead to cardiovascular problems. I had a shit ton as a kid and no prescription DRUG did what a simple plant can do for me. And the side effects were not even the least bit enjoyable. I prefer being high over suicidal and needing to take 10 other medications with their own side effects to counteract other. Thank you America for propaganda like this fooling my parents into druging me to the point were I was emotionless and ended up with heath issues as an adult that are 100% related to the bullshit "medication." If pot was ever a gateway drug is because the moment you try it you realize how wrong everything you were told was and figure that they were lieing about all other illegal drugs too. I wouldnt say that pot is a drug or that it impares you. I will admit people react differently but the people that actually act impared are just idiots who are higher from the placebo effect of thinking they are getting fucked up. Ive proved this by tearing the filter off of cigarettes when I was young (something people should hate on) and pretending it was a joint, then laugh as people pretend to get high who have never smoked and act super impared in the process. mind over matter people thats all I have to say. idiots ruin everything.

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