Marijuana Nutrient Guide Schedule Explained – Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips

Weed nutrients for beginners. A complete explanation of seedling, veg, bloom nutrient feeding schedule for marijuana plants in soil or hydroponics. Learn what …


  1. Manufacturers put hight usage rates on containers so you can add water to achieve your desired ec or ppm not so you by more..why wohld you nuy more if they harmed your plants .im not sure your actually trained or formally educated on this subject ,sounds like your just sfating opinions

  2. Wow. I really wish me from two months ago saw this video and took it to heart. First time grower and despite all the warnings I still burned my baby 😔 she will barley make it to harvest but the yeild and quality undoubtedly dropped significantly. LISTEN TO THE PROS don't be over eager like me lol

  3. Lol. This is what called basics. The most basic of basics. Dude you can't try and explain the whole of cannabis plant nutrition in a couple of min and call it advanced

  4. I like you! Very easy to understand. Listening to you makes me feel like I can do this. Thank you and subscribed. Not excuse me while I go watch every video you have lol

  5. Can you please help me clarify one point? When it is time to water the plants do you add the nutrients to every second watering? Or do the nutrients always get added when watering? Thank you and very nice video.

  6. Chemical nutrients are NOT easier for the plant to take up… also organic nutrients give better tasting buds and yields, you just have to have a healthy microbiome in your soil. You want to add flowering nutrients when your plant starts flowering and not wait until buds start to form. When the buds start to form is when you RAMP UP the carbohydrates

  7. Im on my 2nd plant after putting my first plant( outdoor at 24 inches tall) in final flush before pulling out. The 2nd plant Im using SMART POTS and it seems 2nd plant is twice as big as first by double at 4 weeks old. Here because 1rst plant was just using soil of Veg stage and stunt growth I believed as it threw plant in flower stage after 7 weeks.

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